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Zimmerman, Democrat Who Ran Against George Santos, Calls For More Investigations Into His Finances

Tonight the story of The Talented Mr Santos continues to unravel the Nassau County district attorney has launched an investigation into congressman-elect George Santos in a statement Ann Donnelly a republican writes quote the numerous Fabrications and inconsistencies associated with Congressman elect Santos are nothing.

Short of stunning no one is above the law and if a crime was committed in this County we will prosecute it this comes after tis James the New York State Attorney General already said she was looking into Santos what is undoubtedly of interest to both is how Santos went from having no assets and a salary of fifty five thousand dollars to being.

Worth anywhere between 2.6 million to 11 million dollars in the span of two years I’m sure they would also like to know how he was able to loan his campaign more than seven hundred thousand dollars in his latest interview with the website semaphore Santos tried to explain what he did but failed to explain where the money came from he claims the money he.

Made was from a company he founded in 2021 which specialized in Deal Building and Specialty Consulting for high net worth individuals during the campaign Santos accused his opponent of being dishonest last night while on Fox she was on the other foot.

Everybody just wants to push me and call me a liar look congratulations I did Congressman Alex Santos we’ve given you a lot of time I think the time that is owed is to the people of New York’s third uh it’s hard to imagine how they could possibly trust your explanations when you’re not really even willing to admit the depth of your deception.

You’re getting schooled by Tulsi gabbard joining me now is democratic Congressman Richie Torres of New York and Robert Zimmerman the Democrat who ran against Congressman elect George Santos in this year’s election gentlemen thank you both very much for coming to the readout let me let me start with you Congress and Torres you put out a a tweet.

Demanding an investigation and I want to read it George Santos a former call Center employee falling behind on his rent Lance’s campaign is staggering 705 thousand dollars where did all that money come from the Ethics Committee must start investigating immediately I mean you’re the congressman from the Bronx he’s the.

Congressman elect from from Long Island why is this of such concern to you words of concern to me because George Santos is a pathological liar was defrauded the voters of New York State I mean he has lied systematically about nearly every aspect of his life his family heritage his educational background his employment history his.

Ties to historical events like the Holocaust or the pulse Club Massacre and the breadth and death of his deception is simply staggering it’s unprecedented but even worse than his line it’s a possible lawbreaking he should be the target of multiple investigations uh the house Ethics Committee should investigate him for his.

Likely falsification of official Federal documents we have to send a clear message that if you defraud the voters you’re going to be held accountable you’re going to be even prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and and Robert you were the the Democratic nominee running against George Santos and during the campaign you were trying.

To get anyone and everyone to listen uh to the red flags that you were seeing that the the evidence that you had why do you think um no one paid attention why are you not surprised that George Santos is in the hot water he’s in well first I have to thank Congressman.

Torres for his leadership on this issue he and his colleagues have been in fact bringing this to the Forefront where I think we’re all grateful Democrats and Republicans alike for his leadership and I would say to you you know when you look at this issue look at this story it really speaks to the importance of our local media and the need to invest in.

Our local media whether it was Steve blanket Blank Slate media on the North Shore of Nassau County or the North Shore leader with Grant Lawley or reporters at Newsday uh they did look into these issues do their best to investigate and explore these issues uh unfortunately this race was not considered a high profile race and a.

Very contentious National midterm election year very contentious race for governor uh tries we might we couldn’t get a number of these issues on the radar and that was uh very unfortunate but I think the the import but it does give an important lesson about why we have to support an invest in our local media that really is the answer for.

Protecting our democracy and and Robert though um what recourse do you what recourse do you have as a as a citizen of the of the district but also as the the Democratic nominee is there anything that can be done that would prevent George Santos from taking the oath in six days but we’re having a rally tomorrow in.

Nassau County at the courthouse bringing together Democrats and Republicans to make that demand and we’re going to have to keep the public pressure on I know it’s very difficult to block him from being seated but keeping the pressure on to make sure there is a house Ethics Committee investigation making sure that we keep the spotlight as you pointed out.

About where he got his money from for uh to loan as a campaign 700 000 where How is income grew to open between 3.6 and 11 million dollars in two years we all know the deal here uh we all know that George Santos has been bought the question is who bought him and I think it’s worth noting this is The Daily Beast reported that he received over.

Fifty thousand dollars in funds from Russian oligarchs relatives of Russian oligarchs they didn’t find them on Tinder they didn’t pick him out of America’s Got Talent there’s some way that connection was made and I think it’s worth looking at his business transaction to see other relationships as well and how and in fact who actually.

Did visit with him to buy him uh Congressman Torres though and these are all great points being made he might he should be investigated by the house Ethics Committee he should be looked into but with the incoming Republican majority is there any political will to do all to do all the things we’re.

Talking about here will anything happen to George Santos as a result of the lies he’s told well I have no confidence that the Republican House Majority is going to hold him accountable but George Santos is likely to be the target of multiple investigations um the Republican district attorney from.

Nassau County opened a criminal investigation into George Santos so that a republican D.A would investigate George Santos is a sign of more investigations to come and the most important question is where did all the money come from you know as late as May of 2020 he recorded a salary of fifty five thousand dollars then in 2021 and.

2022 he reported earning somewhere between 3.5 and 11.5 million dollars that is an astronomical growth in his personal wealth that he has not sufficiently explained as has been noted he lent his campaign more than seven hundred thousand dollars he claims the money comes from the divulder organization which has been shrouded in.

Secrecy there’s no public website there’s no LinkedIn page it has been dissolved previously and so where there’s smokeless fire and there needs to be both a criminal and a civil investigation um Robert I’m going to end with you let’s say George Santos for one reason or another either isn’t seated or a new.

Election is held would you run again well I’ve already issued a I already issued a declaration of George Santos assuming his name is George Santos that he should in fact because of his lies and the admissions of criminality he should resign from this seat and then I would face him head off at a in a Face-Off where I’d run against him and.

The public could decide who’s speaking the truth and who can best represent the district so that’s one offer I’ve made and frankly I wanted but I don’t Envision that happening I think I don’t want to make this about me I quite frankly Jonathan want to keep the focus on George Santos keep the focus on the urgency for the investigation because.

That has to come first we have to bring Democrats and Republicans together to get that done when we have a vacancy believe me Jonathan I’ll be on the phone with you and discussing it thank you

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