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Woman who moved to NY to care for dad dies, stuck in car for 18 hours in snowstorm

Deadly winter weather conditions across the U.S have only made those flight disruptions worse in New York the death toll from that devastating blizzard now stands at 32. here’s ABC’s Mona Kosar Abdi with more on the recovery effort this morning the death toll in Western New York climbing to at least 32 officials say that number is still.

Expected to rise and now the massive cleanup is underway after the historic blizzard struck the region the National Guard deploying some 100 military police officers to help enforce Buffalo’s attempts to keep non-essential Vehicles off the roads this is potentially life-threatening situation because if you get stuck and the ambulance can’t.

Respond now they have to jump in the track vehicle which drives a lot slower Buffalo’s mayor hopes to lift the driving ban later today telling us Vehicles left on streets pose challenges we’ve got cars abandoned cars stranded all over the city hampering the plowing efforts new video showing two men carrying 66 year old Deborah Garcia to.

Her daughter’s home at her apartment lost power during the storm you see these young men this morning we’re learning the names of some of the victims tragically killed in the storm andell Taylor’s family confirming with ABC News she filmed this video as she was trapped in her car her family.

Calling her the most kind-hearted and loving person and William Clay’s sister Sophia telling me he was a loved father and grandfather hello I’m Mark Brown get more great ABC 7 content by clicking the Subscribe button for our YouTube channel and download the ABC 7 Los Angeles streaming app on Fire TV Android TV Apple TV and Roku to watch on your TV.

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