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Woman in critical condition after struck by falling light pole in midtown Toronto

Woman in critical condition after struck by falling light pole in midtown Toronto

The Wilmington Hospital after a lipo fell on her while she was walking and the young and Eglinton area cp24’s Christina tenalia joins us live with the details Christina yeah a terrible incident here bukhari at Young At Hillsdale it happened late this afternoon according to police it sounds like just a freak accident there was a.

Large white delivery truck that was pulling forward somehow the driver struck a light pole and the light pole fell hitting the head of a 71 year old woman who was walking by she was seriously injured and taken to hospital here’s more from police and also someone we spoke with at the scene shortly after this accident.

Today at approximately 3 17 police received a call for a collision in the area of Young Street and Hillsdale Avenue it’s reported that a commercial vehicle struck a light post and that light post fell in result of that once the light post fell it struck a 71 year old female in the head the female was rushed to hospital and remains in.

Life-threatening condition the lady was on an unresponsive when I arrived paramedics were on the scene doing their best just to get her in good enough shape to be transported to hospital and then they she was taken shortly after the driver remained at the scene and the Collision reconstruction team spent.

Several hours here reconstructing the Collision police are able to determine what happened here of course based on the thorough reconstruction of the Toronto police traffic Services Collision reconstruction team and also based on witness accounts and surveillance footage from nearby homes and businesses.

So anyone with information is asked to get in touch with Toronto police back to you CP24 is Christina tenalia live at the Young and Eglinton areas

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