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Witness to deadly Watsonville plane collision — “You’re in shock”

Witness to deadly Watsonville plane collision — “You’re in shock”

Developing this morning federal investigators are on the scene of a deadly midair collision in santa cruz county now two airplanes actually slammed together while trying to land at the watsonville municipal airport just before 3 pm yesterday afternoon now one of the aircraft crash landed into a nearby field the other ended up inside a.

Hangar just a few hundred feet away from the crash site people are working people working near that airport heard the collision and immediately knew that something was wrong it shook our buildings rattled our doors we ran outside to the parking lot out here massive plume of black and white and.

White smoke and fire on the runway it’s like surviving an accident you’re in shock you know and you can’t believe it’s happening one of my biggest fears well we know at least two people were killed the airport does not have a controlled tower to direct those airplanes so you know what.

Those pilots are actually communicating with each other just using their radios sean

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