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Winter of discontent: more workers take strike action in UK

Winter of discontent: more workers take strike action in UK

Braving the elements this morning border for staff launched a second round of strikes today calling for a 10 pay rise instead of the two percent the government’s offered to whether the cost of living crisis for the last 10 years a lot of our members have actually had no pay rise whatsoever.

Um and uh obviously this this year with the cost of living crisis it’s just meant that it’s just tipped people over the edge and people just can no longer meet a basic standard of living we’ve got members who have come to us really struggling to pay their bills worried about child care we’re now thinking about setting up a food bank at Gatwick.

For our members a thousand staff have walked out at Heathrow and Gatwick in London as well as Manchester Birmingham Cardiff and Glasgow airports with military personnel and civil servants checking passports instead and limited disruption as a result but it’s not just airports train workers on two lines are on strike today.

And tomorrow with more planned next month and driving instructors continue their rolling walkout public sector strikes will continue into the new year with ambulance workers in England and Wales and nurses in England also on strike again in January rejecting the four.

Percent pay rise they’ve been offered Junior doctors who’ve been offered two percent are also being balloted the British Medical Association says four in ten are actively planning to quit the NHS as soon as they can find another job if that comes to fruition if so many people make their New Year’s resolution to leave the NHS then we’ll be in real.

Trouble patients will be in real trouble and those of us left in in the NHS will be really struggling to provide the care to give the patients care that people serve public sector workers across the country are protesting against Real terms pay cuts driven by inflation but the government is digging in saying the.

Prime Minister couldn’t allow for double-digit pay Rises and that it was up to employers and unions to reach a fair agreement inflation now above 10 percent hit a 41-year high in October the same month public sector pay in real terms hit a 19-year low wages down there’s just about everything else goes up.

And the southwestern ambulance service has declared a critical incident saying the trust’s ability to respond to patients is under extreme pressures the service said 482 patients were waiting for ambulances across the region this morning while more than 100 people were awaiting Handover at hospitals

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