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Why Is Joshimath Sinking? | Watch The Video To Know The Reason Behind This Sinking Town

Why Is Joshimath Sinking? | Watch The Video To Know The Reason Behind This Sinking Town

Located at a height of 6 000 feet the winter seat of Lord badri Joshi Mart is a well-known tourist destination joshimada is a town in the gardwell Himalayas and an important Way Station about the pilgrim and trekking circuits it’s also a huge strategic importance to the Indian army but why is joshimatu sinking is over exploitation for real in.

The past few decades the hill town has seen an explosion in population there’s been rampant growth in construction activities as well now the geography of the star does set it apart for a fact joshimat was built on an ancient Landslide site which results in its low bearing capacity the uttarakhand state disaster.

Management Authority in its 1976 report said that the perennial streams appreciable snow in the upper reaches and highly weathered Lasik rock made the area highly vulnerable to sinking what we’re seeing today the impact of extreme rainfall has led to the expansion also of Mountain Streams and their channels and has changed their course which is.

Eventually induced more in stability to this very very fragile Pelt joshimat is a seismic Zone an area essentially that’s prone to earthquakes which adds to the new title the sinking Town new development projects are also taking a clear clear toll projects such as the helang marwadi bypass have broke the town under the impact of also tectonic.

Activities despite the sensitivity of the area major hydroelectric projects have also been sanctioned there are many questions also over the ntpc hydropower project under this Pro project two tunnels are being dug one is being dug from topper one and the other from selang experts say that the blasts for this Construction done for the projects.

And the seepage due to the constant tunneling work could actually have an impact it could be responsible for the cracks that you see currently in several homes and to a large extent experts say this is the issue there have been massive protests also against the ntpc hydropower project joshimat is on the brink with dangerous cracks widening now.

In several people’s homes almost 600 families have to be evacuated and that too on an urgent basis unplanned developmental activities without due regard to bearing capacity have contributed to aggravating the slope instability issues in joshimat and this isn’t the first time uttarakhand has actually seen these disasters we’re.

Talking about massive flash floods which you well know about forest fires Avalanches landslides and completely unpredictable weather the question that remains currently looking at the situation in joshimat who’s responsible for what’s happening right now what’s a comprehensive study actually done before sanctioning some of these projects like.

The hydropower project and why were these red flags ignored for so long till it’s become such a dire situation forcing families now to leave foreign

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