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Why are Tensions Flaring Up Between Serbia and Kosovo?

Why are Tensions Flaring Up Between Serbia and Kosovo?

A decision to ban Serbian issued number plates in Kosovo has Amplified already strange relationships between the countries 600 minority Subs living in Northern Kosovo quit their government jobs to protest the decision and one former police officer was arrested at a rally local serbs have been erecting barricades on main roads and exchanged.

Gunfire with Kosovo police in response to the officer’s arrest NATO has called for a calming down of tensions that Serbia has ignored this and put its troops on the border on the highest level of alert Kosovo has wanted ethnic serbs to change their license plates to those issued by Pristina for years but serbs have.

Refused ethnic serbs say they’re being marginalized and Belgrade accuses Pristina of trampling on the rights of minority serbs Kosovo used to be part of Serbia but the Albanian majority country declared independence in 2008 with the backing of the U.S and major EU countries but Belgrade doesn’t recognize the country’s Independence and around 50.

000 ethnic serbs living in Northern Kosovo consider themselves part of Serbia Kosovo is not a member of the UN and five EU States Spain Greece Romania Slovakia and Cyprus refused to recognize its independence Russia Serbia’s historical Ally is blocking kosovo’s membership into the UN.

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