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What’s the hold up in the Carlos Correa-Mets deal? | SNY

NY Post sports reporter Mike Puma joins Brandon London to discuss what the standstill in the Mets and Carlos Correa finalizing their contract. Watch More: Subscribe to get the latest from SNY here: About SNY: SNY is the official television home of the New York Mets, Jets and all things New York sports.

What’s the hold up in the Carlos Correa-Mets deal? | SNY

The Carlos Correa to the Mets Blockbuster deal was placed on hold for the holidays after concerns about its physical New York Post met beat reporter Mike Puma has a trending article on the site about career’s camp and the Mets being Mom on the status of the negotiations so we’re bringing him and the Phyllis in Mike I think I represent.

Every amazing out there when I ask you these two questions what’s the hold up and what are you hearing on How likely it is for a deal to get done well right now the hold up is is trying to figure out how to proceed uh with this contract here now uh the medicine Korea came to an agreement for 12 years.

315 million dollars but that was pending a physical so now uh there’s some contract language that has to be worked out and uh you know Korea doesn’t want to renegotiate the terms of that deal as far as the dollars uh the years involved here um the Mets could be looking to put in.

Some contract language about um if the ankle becomes an issue uh during the course of the deal uh relieving them of financial responsibility so uh everything’s kind of in limbo here um I talked to a source uh yesterday who put the uh percentage chance of uh a deal getting done with the Mets at 55 so.

A little bit uh better than a coin flip I can’t relate to signing for 315 million but I can relate to going to the ATM and seeing funds pending so who faces the most pressure to get this deal done the player or the organization and why yeah I think the Mets have the leverage here they they could still walk away.

From this and say hey uh you know we won 101 games last year with this lineup and it will be bringing back basically the same lineup but uh let’s make it go for it where’s Korea now this is a second team remember he had a deal in place with the Giants that fell apart because of the physical now the Mets are the second team the flag his physical and if.

This doesn’t come together I I don’t I don’t know that Carlos Correa can get another 10 12 year contract I don’t see somebody doing that so I I think um Carlos Correa is the one who has the most to lose here so is there a timetable for a deal to get done and if they do the Mets if they do pass on.

Career who else could they be looking to bring in yeah there’s no real timetable here the indications I’m getting this good drag out a little bit uh and if Carlos Correa ends up not being a not a lot of options out there the free agent Market you know you’re looking at uh basically complementary bats at this.

Point the the one thing maybe they keep an eye on is if uh if the Mets would make a play for Raphael Devers with the Red Sox but uh that’s going to require giving up uh top prospects and that’s you know it’s hard to Envision the Mets going that route giving up some top prospects here to uh to plug Third Base all right it’s got to.

Play the wait and see game Mike Puma thanks for joining us thank you