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What we know about documents found at Biden’s former office

Good to see you. Amna: One item house Republicans are adding to their list of priorities, investigating a small number of potentially classified documents discovered at a private office president Biden used after he was vice president.

Incoming intelligence committee chair Mike Rogers wrote to the director of national intelligence today, and called for a damage assessment into the documents and potential violation of laws. To help us understand what this means, I’m joined by mark zaid,.

An attorney who focuses on national security issues. Mark, welcome back. There are questions and I want to begin with the timeline. According to the white house, Biden’s personal attorney found the documents while packing up and moving the files.

They notified the national archives, handed them over the next day. This was in November. Should they have disclosed this in November when it happened? Mark: There was no legal requirement for them to have done so, just as with trump and.

Mar-a-lago come of the public didn’t know about the situation there for quite an extensive amount of time until someone in both cases, basically leaked the information to the media to run a story. One could argue that perhaps the oversight committees in congress.

Should have been notified in both instances but I don’t think that happened with either case. Overall, it is not that surprising. Amna: Unsurprisingly the revelation was met with criticism from Republicans, comparing –.

Here is what Republican members of congress had to say. >> There’s a true two-tiered justice system stemming from Merrick Garland’s department of justice. >> Those classified documents were known before the election, and was intentionally concealed.

To the Americans. I think that’s wrong. >> How ironic. I know Joe Biden was quick to criticize president trump for mistakenly taking some documents that were apparently classified. Amna: Mark, when you look at what happened with former.

President trump and what is unfolding, are these circumstances comparable? Mark: Other than from the very beginning, when there was the disclosure or finding of classified information, and even then, it is different because the government had to go after.

President trump rather than the government being notified by president Biden’s lawyers and the national archives of this fact of what happened. They are incredibly different. As a legal matter, anytime there is classified information found that is not where it should be,.

That is significant. There was sensitive information in this and there will be a very serious investigation by a former trump appointed U.S. Attorney, to look into this. Apparently, that is almost finished. The circumstances are so.

Completely different. Immediately, as you mentioned, president Biden’s lawyers notified the national are retrieved the documents right away. We will see where the facts lead, but in the mar-a-lago case, there was a repeated.

Effort for almost a year and a half to get Donald Trump to turn over the documents. It was only after multiple attempts to retrieve them, and the execution of a search warrant because there were lies that were stated to the administration to recover this.

Now there is factual evidence that trump himself was hiding and obstructing the investigation. Very different fact from what we know as of now. Amna: Do you agree there needs to be a damage assessment? Mark: That, absolutely.

That would be common. It is very common that mishandling of classified information occurs, unfortunately. Individuals mistakenly take home documents for work or they retire and pack up their office and five euros later, they find.

Them in their garage or attic. Mostly, this is handled administratively. It is rare where some criminal penalty happens if there is not actual espionage or egregious hoarding of classified information. There should always be a damage.

Assessment. We have to see who accessed these files. How did they get there? Where were they kept, in a locked closet? Did anyone get access to them? That would be common and I would expect the house and senate.

Intelligence committees will receive a damage assessment at some point, particularly after the U.S. Attorney finishes his investigation. Amna: There is the ongoing doj probe, the special counsel appointed by Merrick Garland to look into Mr. Trump’s handling.

Of the documents. Does this revelation have any potential impact on that investigation? Mark: Legally it should not. Politically is a completely different creature. As you have seen from the clips you erred, this is and has been.

Seized by Republicans and will continue to be, and what concerns me is that frankly, the average American is probably not going to be able to understand the difference between the cases. They will think president Biden, classified records at his.

Office. Precedent — president trump, classified records at his home. But these cases are vastly different. Amna: Thank you for your time. Mark: Thank you.

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