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What National’s Christopher Luxon thinks about the cost of living payment |

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “What National’s Christopher Luxon thinks about the cost of living payment |” here is their detail.

Morning great to be with you let's get straight into it the cost of living payment has been meant to go out to I think the government claimed about 10 million new zealanders the last couple of days hasn't done what's happened oh look I mean it's been an absolute shambles and a total joke I mean you really can't make this stuff up.

Stuff up anymore to me it feels like you know the government's turning into the political version of the office you know if you just take a step back and think about what's got us here it was made up on the fly in response to pressure from the media and from the opposition and now we're in a place where people are getting it who shouldn't be and 800 000.

People who are eligible aren't getting it and the government's got no idea where the money's gone and who's getting it or who's not getting it and so really the big issue here when you take a step back is it's just totally and utterly disrespectful of the taxpayer because the the government's just spraying the cash around sending money overseas and.

Actually just and it's not the government's money it's taxpayers money it's it's people who are making up going to work working hard paying their taxes and it's just being wasted in this way so you know really again a classic case of the government just making things up on the fly in response to a cost of living crisis they have no plan we have.

A plan they don't just stepping back a bit the the 350 it got a bit of a mixed reception at the time at the budget I mean do you think that there was uh that it was ever going to you know make it make a real difference to uh to the households or or was it was it just sort of an article well look I mean the reality here is the.

Government doesn't have an underlying plan to deal with inflation in our economy what you've got is a whole bunch of knee-jerk reactive make it up as we go along sort of stuff that's been happening it started right from the very beginning they were late to recognize there was a cost of living crisis then we've got a poorly implemented Ruck.

Payment or subsidy then we you know a week or two out from the budget which had been locked all of a sudden another billion dollars is put together with a with a you know Band-Aid payment for uh what is a a really serious problem and that's why I've been saying you know we've been talking now for months about our five-point inflation plan which is.

Don't pass cost through to businesses remove the bottlenecks like immigration control government spending stop doing dumb stuff wasteful stuff make sure you give people some relief so they get to keep money in their own pocket rather than give it to Grant Robertson through taxes and get the Reserve Bank focused on fighting inflation and so that's what.

You need to get to the underlying causes of what's driving this cost of living crisis so that's that's all well and good but I mean if you were if you were in government today and you started to do some of those things it would still be six to 12 months at least before you saw any results from it right yeah but look at the inflation-adjusted tax.

Thresholds that we've been talking about now for months you know that's just saying take the existing system acknowledge that the government's had 12 plus inflation over its time lift all those rates by that amount and get people to keep cash in their own Pockets so they can save it or spend it as they see fit.

Um on in another area obviously Healthcare there's been tremendous pressure on the on the on the system this year as a result of both covered and the flow of the Border reopening staff shortages which have been in the system for a long period of time the pre-date covert obviously government Andrew little announced a plan to.

Incentivize more nurses coming in from offshore what did you think of that well look I mean you know Shane Ready's been talking a lot about this I mean and the and the sector's been talking for a lot the last year about a catastrophic collapse of the health Workforce and that's what we're actually seeing before our eyes there's three things the.

Government could and should be doing one is actually as we were saying now for a month or so make sure that you can get nurses overseas that fast track into uh Pathway to residency just like they can with doctors whereas and they can in Australia but instead here in New Zealand you've got to wait two years before you get a pathway to residency.

Declared the second thing is which was quite good of the you know of the minister to announce that you know he's going to help overseas registered nurses Nurse as overseas nurses get registered here in New Zealand but again let's make sure they can actually implement this and get this done well and the third thing you have to do is really make sure.

That you improve the enlarge the capacity for nurse nursing training here and medical training in general in New Zealand and so that we've got a longer term domestic supply of doctors and nurses coming on stream as well you said before that the the system you didn't use these exact words but on the on the on the Virgin collapsing see collapsing.

Before our eyes what evidence do you have for that well look every single Health metric in you know that you look at has gone backwards under this government every single one there's not one improved Health metric or outcome for new zealanders here you've got a government that's massively distracted by driving a bureaucracy and building a.

New bureaucracy here in Wellington and we've spent 50 billion plus in covert and we don't have any extra ICU beds we don't have any extra Workforce we don't have anything enduring that comes you know an investment that's been made that that serves us well afterwards so you know there's all this investment on the front and the bureaucracy and not enough.

On the front line of doctors nurses ICU beds you know you've seen it again you know we've had people sitting in the rain under a tent waiting to get to emergency departments one in five kiwis now wait longer than six hours to get an emergency department you know seen to um you know you look at you know the time it's taken for new zealanders to.

Get their first specialist appointment over more than four months we used to be a thousand people waiting more than four months today it's 37 000 kiwis waiting four months before they see a first specialist and when you've got a cancer diagnosis that can be a really big challenge you think a few plot lines in shortland Street will help to ameliorate.

That well I mean that was just another jump the shark moment right I mean of all the things that you've got going on and that's the big great you know white hope that that will solve our Workforce shortage so you know next thing you'll know you'll have Megan Woods talking to the block to try and solve the housing crisis too another thing National party.

Has been uh pretty hot on the last few days is the um the figures of the number of people living in cars have increased what do you make of that well look I mean it's incredibly sad it's pretty you know it's incredibly heartbreaking but this government's had five years it.

Talked about this issue it said it would solve this issue it hasn't it's quadrupled over the time of this government and really you know there's three things that I think I'd be doing one is as prime minister you're beholding your ministers to account very very strongly for you know the metric of people number of people living in cars.

Secondarily Yeah we actually could get that emsd and kayanga Aura to get out and actually find these people and actually make sure they're actually sorting their problems and their issues out and then thirdly and I think a really important issue is the government needs to do a much better job of working with community housing providers in New.

Zealand and making sure that they can also be building more houses as well as just the government do you think the Prime Minister holds a mince us to a calculator uh no I don't I mean it's very obvious that we've now got a government that just literally cannot get anything done pick any topic you like the economy Health housing.

Education crime everything's going backwards we're not securing outcomes you get a lot of nice words but you don't get improved outcomes and ultimately that's what take that's what improves people's daily lives that's what I'm going to be fixated on that's why I've come to politics because I want New Zealand to do better than this and.

We can be better than this just to go just go back to the living in cars for a city I mean if it was as simple as just getting MSD out to find these people and and uh and find some accommodation for them don't you think that would already be enough well I mean I would hope so but I mean if you had a minister who really understood that their key.

Deliverables and metrics were to get people out of cars and you've got 492 people doing so you're living in a car today we could go find those people media seemed to be able to find some people doing that so why aren't we sending the services straight into them and finding out what their particular issues are in doing something about it.

With great urgency but the bigger issue as I said longer term is you know we want the government building as many state houses as possible but we also need community housing providers to be powered up as well and the great thing about a community housing you know social housing is that actually they build awesome communities with great.

Pastoral care in them as well and so um non-government providers people like the Salvation Army Maori property trusts you know who've all done great work who really know the people can really actually give them other support and help as well uh this weekend I believe it's your first National Conference as National party leader.

Um what do you you'll be giving a big keynote I think on Sunday what uh uh you know what will you be talking about well look I mean it's really exciting I'm looking forward to the conference and I can tell you our party is in really good shape and good hearts and people are excited about coming together to talk about how we get this.

Country turned around and back on track again and that's what I'll be talking about on Sunday as well and you'll be and you'll be hitting your current themes that I think you're listed through before it was cost of living education well I'll be hitting this fact that you know you've got we've got a big.

Turnaround job ahead of us when you're doing a turn around you've got to face the brutal facts of your reality and we've got a government that just cannot get things done but you then got to have hope not just in some Kumbaya ethereal sense but actually because you got a decent plan that you can get to a different place and I just believe.

Passionately New Zealand's an awesome Place we've got a great future but we've got to get much more confident much more ambitious much more aspirational and now we can do that we can be better than this for sure and uh just finally what's your focus on in the house for the rest of the week uh really it'll be about holding the government to account around.

This cost of living payment and there's a lot of work you know certainly we're seeing a healthcare meltdown as I said we've got a lot of a lot of real real material to work with in the house Christopher I said hey thanks so much for joining us this morning appreciate it

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