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What Kansas’s abortion referendum means for the nation

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “What Kansas’s abortion referendum means for the nation” here is their detail.

I'm here in kansas where the state had an abortion referendum on the primary ballot the way that the ballot initiative was phrased was confusing for everyone especially voters you know who maybe weren't even used to voting in primaries a yes vote meant yes we do want to amend the constitution to allow these state legislatures to regulate.

Abortion further and a no meant no we want to keep the protections that have been enshrined in for abortion have been enshrined by the courts into the constitution it was expected that the vote yes people which was yes to a constitutional amendment which would lead the way to new abortion restrictions.

Would win because kansas is of course a very conservative state turnout was incredibly high um and it was a lot for a primary the no vote had a very um resounding victory um i think they pulled in 58 of the total vote and to the yeas were 41 so it was quite a large margin of victory for the no the no side the amendment would.

Have uh done away with abortion protections that were enshrined in the constitution by the state supreme court in 2019 and it would have it wasn't an immediate ban on abortion but it would have paved the way for the legislature to uh pass laws further restricting abortion or banning it all together when.

They came into the legislative next legislative session which is in january kansas has this long history of anti-abortion activism this is the fourth week of the siege of the clinics with about 2 000 protesters hauled away so far which you know sort of dates back to 1991 which was the summer of mercy in wichita where these activists came and.

Laid in the streets before clinics since that time they've always had a very firm you know control over that that side of the activism they've been campaigning for this ballot initiative for years basically so the pro-choice folks were really up against a very established foe kansas has been.

Quickly becoming a refuge for folks from other states such as oklahoma and texas where they have very stringent you know they just pass very stringent abortion bans and um so basically a lot of pregnant patients are coming from other states and and kansas is sort of a refuge for them it's really an.

Important gauge of how the nation is feeling and right now if you look at what the results here i think that the pro-choice folks have been have been energized by the fall of roe you

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