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Wedding ballroom prices to rise, as Singapore’s hotels grapple with inflation and higher costs

Wedding ballroom prices to rise, as Singapore’s hotels grapple with inflation and higher costs

A couple’s rushing to get married are pushing up demand for hotel banquet halls The Surge of bookings started with social restrictions eased in the middle of this year but newlyweds can expect to pay more for banquets next year as the hotel industry grapples with Rising labor costs and inflation Rebecca Mateo with this report.

Feast to celebrate the union of two people those choosing to have wedding Banquets at hotels are pushing up demand for ballrooms some hotels said demand jumped by at least a third While others saw more than 50 percent ever since social restrictions were eased the past two years like you know the Kobe situation there was a pent-up demand so.

Everyone now that the rules have been relaxed so everyone’s starting to want to book venue immediately but there’s also a trend of couples choosing smaller banquet halls for a more intimate wedding especially for young couples who want to save on costs so uh before we had around up to 300 um you know wedding guests but we have gone down to maybe 30.

Percent to 50 to 100 guests even catering to a smaller room of guests is still a challenge that’s because the industry is facing a Manpower shortage and some hotels are struggling to meet the higher demand for wedding Banquets and post-pandemic it’s gotten a little bit harder we have had about 10 to 20 percent of our staff.

Leave the industry and they have not come back so with the increased number of weddings and events in general we do and we are continuously finding people to fill up our slots others are finding ways to fill the Gap Pan Pacific Hotel is constantly training current stuff to improve their level of service.

We are also actively recruiting a new team members and we are keeping open-minded in terms of recruitment those who are from other Industries who have known the hotel experience but are interested in joining our hotel we do we do take them in and take them into the team Manpower shortage is just one of the factors driving up Wedding Banquet.

Costs hotels have also been struggling to attract people to join the service industry holding a Wedding Banquet could just get more expensive next year those in the industry say they will be marking up prices by up to 10 percent to cope with Rising costs of ingredients and energy prices and this means hotels to pass on the.

Costs to newlyweds who book a wedding hall despite the higher cost the demand for wedding Banquets remains strong one Ferry Hotel says it is almost 70 percent booked during weekends for weddings for most of next year hotels are also seeing inquiries for wedding Banquets to be held in 2020 four

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