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‘We are asking people to pay more’: Tory proposes property tax hike

‘We are asking people to pay more’: Tory proposes property tax hike

Lieutenant of meritori’s tenure as mayor now in year 9 has been to keep property taxes below the rate of inflation and years past inflation hasn’t been that high so property tax hikes have been a percent and a half two and a half percent this year we saw a pretty staggering rate of inflation jump with that the mayor announcing today that the.

Property tax hike for this year will be five and a half percent you add in the city building Levy which is built in at one and a half percent that comes up to seven percent is where your property tax hike will be this year but I recognize it is nonetheless a significant increase and that we’re asking people to pay more I wish it could be lower because I know.

That any increased cost right now is hard for people to Bear now right now we are getting a presentation at the budget committee from the city’s Chief Financial Officer going through a line by line all the different city services we do know that the cost of garbage collection is going up the cost of water is also going up we already know the.

Cost of riding the TTC is going up so lots of things going in the north Direction the this year now meritori was asked whether he is open to changing things up based on some moods uh feelings things that other counselors want in the course of those discussions with some of the counselors they’ve made suggestions about maybe we should do a.

Bit more of this or did you think about doing that I am completely open to that so he says those discussions are ongoing this is just the start of the budget process they’re going through all the details right now we’re looking at slides about the Transit Commission we saw we heard all those announcements from the mayor last week the budget.

Process will take about a month and then it’ll go to City Council next month where they will finalize the details of the 2023 operating budget for the city of Toronto at City Hall moment Qureshi City news

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