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Wages see highest growth since 1993 – but it still lags behind inflation | Newshub

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Wages see highest growth since 1993 – but it still lags behind inflation | Newshub” here is their detail.

While we're still tracking low unemployment our wages though are increasing stats nz today revealed alley wages have risen 6.4 per cent the highest growth since 1993 but as leighton hagel reports it still lags behind inflation everyone knows kiwis are hard workers yes we are we are kiwis are regularly.

Praised for their work ethic yes we've got a great reputation i reckon we just have to be but many aren't earning enough to keep up with the cost of living petrol food everything i mean i feel very sorry for everybody it's ridiculously expensive we're all in sort of the same boat though some relief for workers today in the latest labor market.

Stats average hourly earnings rose 6.4 percent in the year to june the highest since 1993 even better for those in manufacturing up 8.2 percent to more than 35 dollars an hour and 6.7 for those in healthcare and social assistance overall wage inflation was up 3.4 per cent the largest increase in over a decade food petrol housing are.

All really spiking right now workers need decent pay increases to be able to respond to that and to live lives of decent of dignity so it's good to be able to see that at the moment obviously workers are trying to recoup some that increase the cost of living through higher wages and with the labor market remaining very tight we're seeing that.

Take place today a tight labor market means job seekers can demand higher wages though there was a surprise in today's stats for economists unemployment was predicted to drop instead it's risen from 3.2 percent to 3.3 still not a huge relief for employers for businesses struggling to fill skills gaps.

The reality remains unchanged kirk hope wants a boost in immigration to ease that pressure well we need to be attracted to international talent and we need to get those people here as quickly as possible though the cost of living here with inflation at 7.3 percent makes new zealand a bit of a hard sell even for kiwis people are still struggling.

Out there and we need to see more of this more of this for wages to catch up with inflation leighton heikel newshub

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