WA grab first innings lead as Wyllie halts NSW charge | Sheffield Shield

Debutant Ben Dwarshuis claimed four wickets for NSW but Western Australia took a first innings lead on day two thanks to a pair of determined knocks by young guns Teague Wyllie and Sam Fanning.

WA grab first innings lead as Wyllie halts NSW charge | Sheffield Shield

Yeah so the start with the ball for New South Wales yesterday start on that one the only one that’s functional it’s nicely driven by a cart ride just wide a point it’s a long boundary out to that East inside it is a slow Outfield but they’ve given up the chase very very early.

And that’s a lovely shot from Cartwright first one that’s been really over pitched from line and well that one hit on the back pad it might be how it is excellent delivery from Jack Edwards snuck through the defenses of Hilton Cartwright pushing that one’s Fanning finding the Gap this time he’s timed it pretty.

Nicely it might roll away for four runs it does that’s slashed out by Wiley a little bit of width from Hatcher and plays it beautifully go past leg but yeah a little tickle around the corner on this one from Wiley just a bit straight from.

William Hatchet over pitched in a lovely drive from Teague Wiley no stopping that down the ground short just outside off oh this one’s just worked off an open blade I’d say from Fanning resting on that back foot that one’s a bit of width than two full.

From George’s it’s hit well through the offside I don’t think oh playing at that one and just a failure on it Fanning and he’ll walk off that’ll be the wicket full and that’s freebie foot Josh Philippi on the pads we’ll find the Gap at Mid Wicket we’ll get at least two we’ll push for three it might roll away.

For four it does for any players wide and slashed out by Philippi it’s got plenty on it and that will go for four over the calling fine now big great catcher third slip What A Catch Jason Sanger that is a beauty that flew off the blade of Josh Philippi.

This is short will he get the bounce he does gets the Parry backs to Hull got up with the two gloves off the the top Edge against his name this is full driven nicely and beats the dive of mid on that quite possibly for me might be shot of the day ciao another short ball it’s gonna go over.

The top of that field rep fine they’re gonna hat to clear him because it was directly at him not is this fake face the short cover and threads it nicely between the Gap there mid off with some work to do will not be able to bring it in Tremaine back slight Edge it’s too thick and it will run fast Curtis Patterson and run all.

The way to the boundary for four so it might all come with the rush but not at the moment playing back again is Wiley picks the Gap and that’ll be his first first class 50. TIG Wally a much towered teenager on the replay it’s going down like size Paris attempts to sweep and just gets enough on it to get it to the boundary for four.

Slashing it a wide one and getting every piece of it is TIG Wiley that’ll race away to the boundary for four it Edwards is in short launches into it does hit it in front of square it’s going to go past the fielder who now has to turn and Chase towards the rope and doesn’t get there see them sort of thinking.

Oh he’s got onto that that’s gone attempted bumper with two men back up now Paris goes again straight to him and he said it’s right there they’ve been setting him up that one was a little bit wider more around leg stump instead of over middle and off.

Edge flies through the Cordon and that’ll be four runs than it was yesterday Kelly hits that hard off the square and see whether it has enough legs to get to the boundary you’ll get at least three for it and that should have the pace to get there for four it does shot.

Cracking shot straight drive tickled around the corner he might have got enough on that to get it for four he has well played Matt Kelly and while he takes on the short ball he’s hit it into the Gap will it go for four yes it will picked it perfectly Teague Wiley tickles that around the corner nicely.

And finds the boundary big gap uh deep backwards Square because that’s driven and just wide of Gully off the outside edge and we’ll race the way to the boundary for four more but a few occasions where he’s faced over 200 deliveries in an Innings that’s a beautiful straight drive from Wiley to.

Move himself to 97 over pitched right a bit quicker and I don’t know if he got a tickle on that TIG Wiley will be four and I’m gonna say that’s bias oh no the Umpire signaled runs so that is TIG Wiley Century he didn’t look as though he was celebrating at the time but TIG Wally.

Makes it a hundred I know I know I know as that one it’s flayed through the galley Regent doesn’t go to hand another four for Matt Kelly who’s closing in on a first class 50. you know that was and that one’s edged and caught excellent catch taken down lowered slip Jason Sanger has had a great day in the.

Field I know he dropped one at short leg but has taken two beauties heads in or waving at that one might have got a fake tickle to it umpire says yes and Corey Rocco Charlie has to go without scoring last just three deliveries Glory rocker Charlie the Wacker ground.

He clipped away and it’s taken by a Sanger and that’ll be the end of the day a wicked for Nathan lion and he gets he is first hands with figures of one for 42. but the star of the day without question has been TIG Wiley