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Virginia authorities say 6-year-old intentionally shot teacher, taken into custody

To a terrible story that is pretty much hard to believe a six-year-old you heard right a six-year-old is in custody for allegedly shooting his teacher and Virginia police believe it may have been done deliberately NBC’s Aaron McLaughlin has the details Aaron every parent’s worst nightmare gunfire in a classroom it happened in Virginia.

When a student opened fire injuring their teacher police say there was an altercation and this was not an accident in Virginia active shooter they’re locked down under where the shooter is at this time a community terrified following America’s latest school shooting parents once again asking that haunting question is my child safe my.

Heart stopped um I was freaking out very nervous this time the gunman wasn’t a man at all but a six-year-old boy who’d allegedly shot and wounded a teacher on Friday afternoon this was not an accidental shooting according to police the unidentified child armed with a handgun fired a.

Single shot inside a first grade classroom at richneck elementary sending the school of 550 students into lockdown in the City of Newport News Virginia this was not a situation where we had a student going up or any other individuals going up and down the halls with actively firing and in a shoot a long shooting incident it was in a.

Classroom authorities say the teacher a female in her 30s has life-threatening wounds but is improving the six-year-old shooter was arrested today our students got a lesson in gun violence and what guns can do to disrupt not only an educational environment but also a family a community parents picked up their children from.

The school’s gym eager to see their faces my baby he’s okay it’s crazy world we live in no students were physically injured but they were terrified class was canceled on Monday the police chief says they’re in contact with the city’s Commonwealth Attorney to figure out how to get services to the child the.

Investigation is ongoing including how a six-year-old got a hold of a gun foreign

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