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Vatican: Pope Benedict XVI is ‘lucid and alert’ | ABCNL

Davis news papal contributor and Catholic radio host Gloria Purvis joins me now for more on this Gloria is there a specific process I mean this is almost unprecedented because Pope Benedict is one of the only popes to ever retire before his death so what is the protocol when a former Pope is now in in this kind of Health concern.

Well the Vatican has not released any details but there are a few things that we can deduce that will not be happening we know that once uh for Pope Emeritus Benedict once he dies there will not be a conclave to elect a new pope because we have a current pope with Pope Francis we can assume that we will not have the normal nine days of funeral rights.

Before his burial I don’t think they’re going to do that I do think because he was a former head of state he is going to lie in state so that delegations from around the world will have time to come to Saint Peter’s for his funeral and he will have a funeral either at the St Peter’s Basilica or on the Piazza he also the funeral will also be presided.

Over by the current pope Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict will probably be will most definitely be interred in The Grotto at St Peter’s those are the things that I’m sure probably will be happening so where is Pope Francis this now because you know we’re talking about potential funeral plans and so on but Pope Benedict is still alive but of.

Course being monitored very closely so where is Pope Francis in all of this and what are you listening for and watching for as we get more updates from the Vatican so I had the pleasure of actually sitting with Pope Francis last month to interview him for about two hours I can tell you he’s in very good health as far.

As I could tell very clear-minded very robust great sense of humor and I’m sure also he called for prayers as his audience yesterday at the end of his audience he called for prayers for Pope Emeritus Benedict saying that he was very ill and asked for president church and I’m sure Pope Francis is indigen like the rest of us praying for.

Uh Pope emerited Pope Emeritus Benedict what I’m looking for in the last as we as we prepare we’re assuming that the Holy Father the pope Emeritus Benedict will be passing at some point um just listening for any announcements from the Vatican any announcements on if it’s hell deteriorates How does it go is it going to be a long illness or did he.

Go quietly peacefully also one of the things I’m also looking at is how in the United States usually Catholics from various political spectrums have now come together very seriously in prayer for Pope Emeritus Benedict and I think that that is a wonderful site to remind everybody that we all are Catholic and even if we may have our disagreements on.

Certain things we all come together because we love our popes and we love pope Emeritus Benedict and we’re all praying for him all right Gloria Purvis we appreciate your time today thank you thank you hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get.

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