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US will require COVID-19 testing for travelers from China

The Biden Administration unveiling new steps aimed at preventing Travelers arriving from China from spreading covid-19 here in the U.S as Skyler Henry explains many countries are concerned about the growing number of coveted cases in China even while Beijing is not acknowledging a surge with coveted cases surging in China the.

Biden Administration announced a new covid-19 testing requirement for travelers from China beginning January 5th all travelers to the U.S from China will be required to take a covid-19 test no more than two days before travel and provide a negative test before boarding their flight hospitals and funeral homes across China are overwhelmed just weeks.

After the government ended its zero covet policy amid Nationwide protests there was no preparation like nobody knew like the decision was made on us but you know there was no stockpiling of medications U.S officials say China’s lack of transparency on key scientific data could hamper efforts to prevent the detection and spread a possibly.

Dangerous variance some estimates suggest more than half of the Chinese capital’s residents are infected with covid meanwhile after nearly three years of lockdowns China says it’s resuming issuing passports for tourism in early January that likely paves the way for for a boom and travel abroad as China celebrates the Lunar New Year Skyler.

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