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US Weather: Snow storm covers houses in ice as people struggle to dig out after deadly blizzards

US Weather: Snow storm covers houses in ice as people struggle to dig out after deadly blizzards

This is how cold it’s been these are houses Frozen on the shores of Lake Erie a street in ice sculpture the temperatures have taken their toll across North America the reach of this bomb Cyclone has extended across thousands of miles and several days it has gripped millions of people.

Upstate New York continues to struggle through the effects in the City of Buffalo heavy machinery has been brought in for Roadside Rescue while police and force a driving ban nothing and no one is going anywhere quickly it’s been tough because the driving ban is still in effect for the City of Buffalo and so we haven’t really left our house in.

About a week I know most of the stores that have been open they have not been able to get new deliveries of any goods and so if people are able to go to corner stores or supermarkets that have been reopening the shelves are bare fatalities have included people found in their homes and stranded in their cars there is a state of emergency but.

There’s anger at the State of Affairs in New York state one arm of local government is blaming another mayor’s not going to be happy to hear about it but storm after storm after storm after storm the city unfortunately is the last one to be opened and that shouldn’t be the case it’s embarrassing tell you truth and if.

We have to working with the state we will find a way to get through these storms quicker by taking over operations if need be I know the mayor’s probably not thrilled to hear it I don’t care anymore I want it done did you buy it did you buy it all right put it back put everything back come on there have been numerous reports of looting.

These are pictures from a supermarket in Buffalo it is grim here and it isn’t over as temperatures pick up there are dangers presented by this snow melting in these quantities as they dig themselves out they are digging in for the prospect of floods to follow James Matthews Sky News Washington.

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