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US to Require Negative Covid Tests From China Travelers

Give us a sense here of why this decision was made the U.S officials have become increasingly alarmed at the level of Covenant infections in China and also what they say is the lack of transparency regarding their the data coming out so what they’re actually really worried about is the possibility.

That that new variants are are being created in China because the level of infections and and the possibility that that variant will be spread overseas including to the U.S so that’s why they’re imposing this testing requirement for travelers from China hey Jordan I got to say the discussion we’ve all been having is that this doesn’t.

Necessarily preclude covid from once again coming back to the United States via Chinese Travelers so having said that is there also another step that ultimately could come out of the U.S that’s even tougher on Chinese Travelers into the United States right now uh they’re they’re not considering anything like a travel ban.

Uh although they are keeping officials are keeping a close eye on the situation uh they’re expanding uh like a surveillance program for travelers at two airports on the west coast uh to try and keep an eye on those possible uh variants but uh right now they’re not really considering any anything higher uh than a testing requirement hey Jordan.

How much is this of this is about not trusting the data from the Chinese government about who’s testing positive and when they’re testing positive I would say that’s the primary concern of U.S officials uh I I was talking to some of them yesterday and what they said is that they weren’t necessarily concerned that you know by itself that.

Uh like China was lifting The Code Zero policies it was that they were doing it at a time when infections were spiraling out of control and that there there weren’t reliable data being sent to the rest of the world about who was get who was testing positive when they were testing positive and with what variance

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