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US Speaker Nancy Pelosi Departs Taiwan, Fuming China Hold Military Drills & Promises ‘Punishment’

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “US Speaker Nancy Pelosi Departs Taiwan, Fuming China Hold Military Drills & Promises ‘Punishment’” here is their detail.

I'd like your opinion on this too we see that as much as they're hosting nancy pelosi on one front on the other we're seeing uh taiwan government now hectically reaching out to countries like japan and philippines right now to find alternative aviation routes because chinese military drill there has.

Really disrupted their trade route and as promised by china they're also disrupting air traffic so japan philippines stepping up right now while china sends out a warning to all those major airlines in asia to be there you know this is where china is trying to squeeze taiwan now is this squeeze a.

More a domestic audience in china or is this also aimed at sending out a strong signal to taiwan that in case there are other such high-profile visits and nancy pelosi did speak about it that they'll i have come others would be coming then there would be costs imposed on taiwan and is is taiwan willing to take those.

Costs point one point two uh is the democratic world and this is the point that karis was also making a very important point will democracies unite to checkmate an expansionist china uh you know as prime minister narendra modi had earlier said the era of expansionism is over but that's a message that china doesn't seem.

To get at all despite a situation in dokala or in gulvan or in arunachal pradesh or even here in taiwan china has been checkmated everywhere but karis china's attitude doesn't seem to change at all is not playing chess and there is no checkmate this is a game of weichi go and it's a matter of putting pieces on.

The board the global board for strategic encirclement and it's a kind of strategy that the uk used in a way uh that the us has used in its own way and china is now using in its way and i think we should remember that the digital silk road that has followed the belt and road initiative.

Is creating a uh uh the pipelines of china's communication and 5g and smart and secure city control and and data management of many countries and this is growing we have to remember that while military is in our face in the background there's a lot going on on the digital level in space and these are.

Things that the world needs to keep an eye on don't forget that china controls two-thirds of all lithium fields which um and and lithium production which is necessary for most of the eevee the electric vehicle uh uh batteries that are necessary for the you know greening the world and uh china runs many of the cobalt has owns many of the cobalt um.

Uh mines uh rare earth is another issue and so we need to keep an eye on the fact that you know while taiwan controls the chip industry to a large extent because of tsmc as was mentioned earlier uh in there is a supply chain and a natural resource competition going on there's a competition going on for the fourth.

Industrial revolution control ai nanotechnology that brings israel in because we're very involved and advanced in these uh um fourth industrial revolution technologies uh so um these are the um game of go is being played on many different levels and war and military is just the most obvious one oh absolutely absolutely but you know the.

Question that they're asking here uh charisse is in this battle between she as in xi jinping and she as in the ladies uh you know sign when and nancy pelosi who in your appreciation has an upper hand as of now i i wouldn't say either one has an upper hand both has challenges both heads uh have been able to make their points i do.

Think that nancy pelosi has managed to pull off a visit that was extremely controversial very questionable the negatives outweighing the positives going into it we'll have to see how much trouble taiwan suffers for this momentary satisfaction.

But in the mid and long term i have to repeat i see this being the trigger for a change in the way that taiwan sees its own self-defense so in the short term there will be trouble uh for taiwan the blockade that we talk about and that blockade uh starts soon after this plane takes off.

There are those military drills and maneuvers of course officially the live fire exercise starts on the fourth it goes on till the seventh and there are reports from taiwan that seem to indicate that several flights will have to be cancelled there are reports that seem to indicate ports will have to be shut down and.

Is that china's punitive action or just the beginning of the punitive action against taiwan in your appreciation does it extend does it extend even to the united states of america or will it stay restricted to taiwan it will absolutely stay restricted to taiwan on the military level and um these are it's going to be a difficult.

Uh short-term uh situation for taiwan it was expected and and many pundits talked about live-fire exercise being uh taking place after she leaves it looks like this is what's gonna happen and how it is managed going forward can be either a de-escalation or um with some bad management could lead to a.

Lot of trouble so we'll very much hope that we have uh calm hands at the wheel and things will go forward without uh um any major uh serious conflict coming out of this

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