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US imposes new travel restrictions to contain COVID-19 spread

News just coming in from the CDC tonight the U.S announcing new travel restrictions on anyone traveling from China into the U.S it comes as China faces a wave of new coveted infections after recently easing their extreme restrictions here’s ABC’s Matt Rivers as China struggles to deal with a crushing new wave of covet infections the CDC.

Tonight announcing new restrictions on all travelers from China heading to the U.S starting January 5th anyone traveling from China will be required to show proof of a negative PCR or antigen test taken within two days of departure this is isn’t unfortunate but necessary step given the fact that we don’t really know.

How much covet there is in China and we don’t know the full spectrum of what variants there are new images out of China showing overcrowded hospitals patients waiting in the hallway some unable to be seen The Surge following the Chinese government’s decision to ease its so-called zero covet policies a few weeks ago after rare protests.

Sparked across the country Mass testing and city-wide lockdowns were suddenly abandoned a rapid reopening that’s resulted in what is likely millions of new cases but China’s government only reporting a handful of coveted deaths fueling fears about its transparency it comes as health experts here in the U.S warn we could see a rise of new covid.

Cases after the holidays and Mary Health officials say that with this rapid spread of covet in China it increases the potential for new variants and it has been difficult there’s been a lack of an ability to accurately track variants in China and Global databases Mary so many questions still remaining Matt thank you hi everyone George.

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