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‘Unprecedented’: Kentucky residents brace for more rain after devastating flooding

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “‘Unprecedented’: Kentucky residents brace for more rain after devastating flooding” here is their detail.

At least 35 people are confirmed dead as the death toll from the kentucky floods continues to rise hundreds of people remain unaccounted for while thousands have been stranded without power or clean drinking water state officials are continuing their search for the missing persons as residents are told to prepare for more rain.

The death toll continues to climb after severe flooding struck parts of kentucky last week more than two dozen people have now died including several children officials here believe recovery crews will find even more victims in the coming weeks there are hundreds of unaccounted for people minimum and we just we just don't have a firm grasp on.

That i wish we did there are a lot of reasons why it's nearly impossible kentucky governor andy beshear says flooding displaced thousands as it wiped out roads and bridges rescue crews continued to look for those people still missing the national guard reports 400 have been rescued by helicopter about 20 more.

Taken to safety by boat but forecasters say these search efforts will face a major obstacle on tuesday when eastern kentucky experiences intense heat obviously this is an unprecedented level of flooding in this area which brought previous records and significant impact on the communities and the loss of life thousands are still.

Without power others are now beginning the long process of rebuilding which some officials estimate could take years last week the rain fell so quickly leaving people with little time to get out of their homes within 10 to 12 minutes i hear the noise and i raised the window and i seen the water it was in the house and my.

Building started coming out and parts of eastern kentucky could see even more rainfall through tuesday

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