Ukrainian newcomers recruited by employers amid labour crunch

Ukrainian newcomers recruited by employers amid labour crunch

In September employment among men and women aged 25 to 54 increased as many parents returned to the workforce with kids back in school the economy added 21 000 jobs in September and the unemployment rate fell to 5.2 percent year-over-year wage growth was above 5 still below the rate of inflation though and the average hourly wage increased to.

More than thirty one dollars all signs of a labor market that stretched economists say there are staff shortages across the board it’s extremely tight and it’s been tight since a lot of those covid restrictions have been lifted the labor squeeze has forced employers to get creative during Peak summer season when its Staffing requirements nearly.

Double Ottawa Embassy Hotel turned to Facebook groups to recruit newcomers from Ukraine Ukrainian workers have been a godsend to us there were learning curves and language barriers but nothing a little patience and Google translate couldn’t solve you have to constantly change the the way that you do things if you want.

To get a better result Canada has nearly 1 million job vacancies and the federal government is looking to ease the labor shortage by lifting off-campus work caps for international students we’re lifting the limit of 20 hours per week that eligible students are allowed to work off campus while studying this means that more than 500 000 International.

Students who are already here in Canada are going to be eligible to work more if they choose to do so the immigration Minister says eligible foreign Nationals can also work while waiting for a new permit or extension the central bank has said the tight labor market is partly to blame for red hot inflation going as far as suggesting employers think twice.

Before raising wages those remarks angering Union Representatives fighting for pay increases as the cost of living erodes spending power but orker shortages tilt bargaining Dynamics in favor of employees over employers and gaviola Global News Toronto

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