Ukraine War: key Crimea bridge hit in serious setback to Putin and Russia

Ukraine War: key Crimea bridge hit in serious setback to Putin and Russia

Waking up the day after his 70th birthday this wasn’t the news Vladimir Putin wanted the Kirch Bridge his pet project which linked the annex Crimea to the Russian Mainland lies partially in ruin the rail section charred the road to Russia now detours into the water what and who did this.

The Russians said a truck bomb caused the partial collapse of two sections and the fire spread to a train carrying fuel this afternoon cars were allowed to cross on the one remaining Lane and the Russians said trains can resume this evening today and until the end of the day a government commission with my.

Involvement will work to figure out the extent of the damage and discuss plans for a permanent and temporary restoration of the road and repairing the railway if needed in Kiev this is something they’ve long dreamed of they already had this image on display in the capital Ukraine hasn’t claimed responsibility.

But they’re basking in the glow of The Burning Bridge we’ve been waiting for this moment when the bridge Burns I think all ukrainians have been waiting for this and we’re very happy the news is good it’s too bad it didn’t happen on Putin’s birthday but I think he’d be happy with this present.

On Twitter the head of Ukraine’s National Security Council posted this serenade and an advisor to president zielinski said this was just the beginning that everything illegal must be destroyed and this is why that worries Moscow Ukraine is currently making gains in a counter-offensive in the Curson region.

In the south of the country at present Russia can supply its troops there through territory at holes along the Sea of azov as well as through Crimea Ukraine is thought to be planning another offensive to retake land down towards Melita pole and the coast that would sever the link to Russia meaning.

The only land route for Putin to supply his forces is through Crimea even for the bridge is damaged severely and trains could not use it for some time it will mean that for Russian units around Hearthstone there will be a lack of Supply lack of logistics if the plan was to destroy the bridge they haven’t have they it’s only damaged the bridge can be.

Just damaged but Putin’s image is destroyed so how will Putin respond could he go nuclear this has been a bruising few weeks of Ukrainian victories this is the latest result of shelling in the Donetsk region a new overall commander for the Russians was announced today as they try to regroup and Ukraine will hope this proves they.

Can now push them back not just to February’s borders but even reclaim Crimea itself because this is a symbolic moment the Bridge’s opening was Putin’s Crimea coronation he personally drove the first truck across and he boasted of his Triumph at different historical times even.

During the era of the tsars people dreamed of building this bridge thanks to your work your talent this project this miracle has become true the great czars may not have built this bridge but they aren’t remembered for defeats either Peter the Great gained land and made some Petersburg his window to Europe This was Putin’s Pathway to.

Crimea now it’s up in smoke damaged just like his reputation and his so-called special operation we’re joining me now is the former United States ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor Ambassador given the huge symbolic and strategic significance of the bridge how big a setback do you think this is for Putin.

Kathy I think this is an enormous setback um uh strategically as your good report just pointed out this is the way that the Russians have been supplying the ammunition the soldiers the equipment the logistics for their attacks against Ukrainian forces in Carson um this will clearly be disruptive of of.

That flow um and the and the Russian soldiers around Arizona were already in in trouble they have been captured they have been pulled over they’ve been isolated on the western side of the river and so this disruption to their supplies it makes them further vulnerable well given the humiliation.

Really you know public humiliation around the world for Putin is there a fear then that he could retaliate and indeed he’s being pushed to do so by hardliners in Moscow in some more deadly way you know God forbid a nuclear attack perhaps and this pressure on him has been there for weeks.

They’ve been doing badly the Russians have been doing very badly for weeks indeed months uh they’ve had a very bad eight months they’ve been pushed out of Kiev as we know they’ve been pushed out of heart keep as we know uh they were pushed out of izum Limon and now they’re being pushed out of here so and so they’ve had a terrible military disaster.

On their hands they’ve been replacing generals one after the other um uh over the again over the past and again just today they’ve replaced yet another Russian general so they’ve got a big problem well I was going to say does that new senior Commander that he you know he’s in charge of Russia’s operations in Syria does that suggest a.

Potential change of tax now which could could be an escalation or not so Kathy they’ve been escalating um in terms of just killing and damaging and bombing civilian targets for months uh this The Butcher of of Syria that we’re talking about here um is is continuing that horror and continuing those war crimes so this is.

This yeah they are looking for more of that undoubtedly the Russians will continue that tactic that’s what the ukrainians have been pushing back in that’s why the ukrainians are fighting so hard and so successfully to get the Russians out of their country well if we look at that success from the ukrainians and this is audacious we you know they.

Haven’t claimed responsibility but if if they do it’s an audacious attack on the bridge is it possible to contemplate that they might be able to retake Crimea which would have seemed fanciful just a few months ago it would have seen fanciful you’re absolutely right Crimea is going to be very difficult.

Um as you’re again your report pointed out they’re pushing the ukrainians are pushing very hard against the Russians in donbos in the northeastern part of the country they are having great success up there they could well go past the the February 24th lines uh there were the lines when the Russians invaded big time we remember the Russians.

Invaded in 2014 and and occupied some part and the ukrainians could push them out of those of those occupied uh parts of Ukraine since 2014. so um could they go after Crimea they could it’ll be hard but now they’re demonstrating that that uh that the ukr that the Russian forces in Crimea are vulnerable.

And your president has been speaking about Armageddon but he’s also been speaking about an off-ramp for Putin given your role as a former Diplomat how best to ensure that Putin has the latter and not the formerized disposal so President Biden did mention off-ramp but he’s not I don’t think I didn’t hear him talking about us providing Putin an.

Off-ramp what he said was what President Biden said was Putin is looking for an off ramp and he undoubtedly is since it’s going so badly for him the problem for Putin is he he doesn’t have one um and so the question about nuclear is this it’s a serious question you have to take it seriously when the the leader or the dictator of a big nation that has.

Nuclear weapons talks irresponsibly about it but he knows what happens he knows it’s going to be a catastrophic response if he should use those kinds of weapons and briefly people have been saying giving it is going so badly for Putin it’s not impossible to think that he could be defeated by Christmas is that over optimistic in your view no I.

Don’t think it’s over optimistic at all I think he could be I think the Russians could be defeated in Ukraine by Christmas um which will be a big problem for Putin and he’s going to have domestic problems on that but the ukrainians are clearly on a roll their military has shown that they can beat the Russians everywhere.

They push so no it’s not really optimistic it certainly Could Happen by Christmas

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