Ukraine: ‘Special forces operation’ may be behind Crimea bridge blast

Ukraine: ‘Special forces operation’ may be behind Crimea bridge blast

Or Sky security and defense analyst Michael Clarke joins me now and Michael it’s great to have you here some major developments this morning what do you think has happened here yeah it’s big story Vanessa um the Russian claimed that it was a vehicle that exploded on the bridge is ridiculous I mean if it was an explosion it would have gone.

Upwards not come from underneath and you can’t get that much stuff into a vehicle going over a bridge I mean bridges are designed to withstand accidents of that sort this is either a missile uh which would be a missile heavier than the ukrainians are supposed to have or a special forces operation to sabotage the bridge with explosives underneath in.

Which case they’ll be making Hollywood films about this for some time to come because it was a huge Victory if it’s a special forces Victory to actually get explosives under a bridge of that magnitude in the middle of an area that the Russians are guarding very very severely and very carefully so whatever it is it’s a it’s a big hit either a big.

Missile or a big Special Forces operation and and although the ukrainians will not claim it yet um it’s a huge victory for them similar to the sinking of the mosfer the uh the flagship in the Black Sea it’s a big blow to the Russians in that respect absolutely I guess the key question here is why has this particular bridge then.

Been targeted and also as you were data I mean you’ve alluded to some of that what is the significance then for Ukraine yeah the significance is is the importance of the bridge I mean until this bridge was built was in it was opened in 2018 by Mr Putin to Great Fanfare um it was the only link between Russia.

Proper and Crimea that didn’t go through uh Ukraine and so the only way that the Russians could keep Crimea directly supplied was via that bridge before the bridge it was just a ferry the Kirsch Ferry which used to run like every two hours and just take a few Vehicles it was very very small link so that bridge was vital and of course it’s been vital.

In water supply because it was the line through which the Russians easily got their equipment into Crimea and out to the cursing region now with the bridge down and it won’t be down forever but the bridge down the Russians have now got to rely on stuff from Billy ants and Mario poll so they’ve got to take things by effectively by sea to marry Paul and.

Berliance and then use the one decent rail line which is coming within range now of of uh Ukrainian uh artillery so Russian supply lines intercoursin will be affected by this in quite a big way however this is temporary the Russians Will Will Repair the bridge for sure and if the ukrainians could hit the rail Bridge more uh strongly than they.

Obviously did then that would be better for them but to bring the road bridge down is a tremendous achievement and to damage the rail bridge is still pretty good my guess is that this will give the ukrainians maybe two weeks three weeks until this is all repaired of Advantage where the Russians will find it really difficult to get any more equipment into.

The cursing region where they’re already in trouble absolutely and I think most people then will be wondering what impact will this then have on Putin and the warm moving forward it’s a big one because Mr Putin opened this bridge in 2018 to Great Fanfare and of course for him this was the symbol of the fact that Crimea was now Russian Crimea had been.

Conquered in 2014 they’ve been annexed by Russia illegally and the idea of linking Russia directly to Crimea via the bridge was a way of saying this of course is now Russian no question about it so he put his prestige on the line by saying that he never thought he would have to go back on it and you know given the fact that the Memorial Institute.

Sakharov’s Institute was was awarded the Peace Prize yesterday the Nobel Peace Prize and this overnight it hasn’t been a great birthday 70th birthday celebration for him one way or another not at all major setback for him isn’t it indeed Michael thank you

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