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Ukraine Reports 30+ Russian Missiles Fired At Civilian Targets In Kherson

Now to Ukraine where the southern city of cursani is once again facing a barrage of Russian Artillery military officials now reporting 33 Russian missiles were fired at civilian Targets in croissant just in the last 24 hours this as the Eastern town of bakmut remains battered with intense fighting president zielinski saying today quote.

There is no place that is not covered with blood but still bakbut stands to talk about these developments and more NBC’s Matt Bradley joins us now from Kiev Matt the onslaught of attacks on civilians this week has just been brutal the U.N now estimates 40 of ukrainians needing humanitarian assistance what more do we know about the impact on the.

Civilian population now 10 months into this war yeah I mean now that we’re in the 11th month of this war Jake I mean the fact of the matter is that the civilian bombardments have been going on since the beginning and you know you keep we keep talking about how the civilians are bearing the brunt of this and I’ve been.

Watching it firsthand just people who are leaving people who are returning from the front lines people who are leaving from Mary opal back months ago remember that story it was a tragic case and now we’re seeing it in bakmut and all throughout the Eastern and Southern fronts but you know you mentioned those U.N figures uh 40 of this population is.

In need of assistance that’s about 18 million people but you know the UN also mentioned something that was interesting seven percent of this country when asked said that they wouldn’t leave Jake wow 18 million people affected now of course now we know Ukrainian forces are focusing in on the Russian occupied city of criminal walk us through the strategy.

Here why is we’re taking that eastern city so crucial yeah I mean that is a city that’s very near bakmud which is we’ve heard so much about that City over the past five months it’s one of the longest lasting battles in this whole War but just north of it is Criminal and you know we heard from the governor of luhansk region just.

Today saying that the Russians know that if criminal falls to the ukrainians then the whole line will fall that is probably a bit hyperbolic but the fact is is that once the ukrainians take crimina they’re going to be within Striking Distance of two other major cities Lizzy chansk and sebro Donetsk and once they’re able to do that and.

They’ll be in a good position to move well into the donbass region but the idea that the whole line could fall just from taking Carmina well the Russians have a lot of assets in that region and also remember Vladimir Putin believes rightly or wrongly that he has a new group of enlisted soldiers who are headed to the front line right now and.

We’re talking about numbers in the hundreds of thousands and they are already there some of them and they’re already on their way they that could potentially tip the balance of the conflict but it’s unclear what that will do right obviously a key strategic point there so President Putin just announced a ban on oil sales to any Nations that.

Agreed to a western price cap and that includes the U.S the European Union but most of these countries already have a ban in place on Russian oil in the few moments we have left here Matt what effect is this decision expected to have yeah I mean most of that is going to be symbolic just like you said most of the countries that are buying oil from.

Russia are not party to this treaty and actually they’re already buying that oil at less than 60 a barrel which is the price cap that was set by the G7 by the European Union by the way the European Union has already basically said that they have a full embargo on almost all exports from Russia so this isn’t necessarily going to affect anything but.

The fact of the matter is that this is a symbolic move and one that comes as Russia is warning that you know Europe is going to be facing a cold winter without electricity without gas well they aren’t the weather has been good those stocks are high things are looking okay for Western Europe so it looks like that you know second weapon that.

Vladimir Putin thought he had isn’t arriving thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today’s top stories and breaking news by downloading the NBC News app

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