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Ukraine power crisis

Ukraine power crisis

Ukraine’s National Energy company is urging people to quote charge everything from battery packs to phones as four hour long blackouts begin today across Ukraine the power supply shortage blamed on Russian attacks for more than a week missiles and drones have hit Ukraine’s energy infrastructure including this Administrative Building.

In southern Ukraine and overnight a massive fire breaking out at this electrical substation on the Russian side of the Border a local official blames an overloaded Transformer it all comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared martial law in the four border regions of Ukraine that Russia illegally annexed giving authorities.

There more power to crack down on the population or even mobilize residents for the war effort in one of those captured regions yesterday russian-backed authorities began moving 60 000 Ukrainian civilians out of her son as Ukrainian forces approached that key City Putin also ordered new emergency powers for the.

Heads of all regions within Russia itself Putin’s announcement is prompting a number of fears firstly he’s been consistently expanding his power as his War flounders mobilizing reservists rounding up conscripts recruiting prisoners and now draconia new powers the biggest fear of all is that if Putin loses her son he could follow through on.

His threat to use a nuclear weapon here in an exclusive interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Secretary of State Anthony blinken called Putin’s latest moves an act of desperation just in the last few weeks he’s tried to mobilize more forces he’s gone through with this sham annexation of Ukrainian territory now and saying that he’s declaring.

Martial law in places that he claims have people who somehow want to be part of Russia that speaks to uh speaks to his desperation but also in parts of Russia it seems like he’s preparing for all-out war what we’ve seen uh already in the steps that uh that Putin’s taken going increasingly after the civilian population in Ukraine.

Um indiscriminately bombing targeting even power plants bombs falling on schools on hospitals uh that’s pretty close and Ukraine says about one-third of its power stations have been destroyed by Russian forces in recent days hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the ABC News.

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