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Ukraine civilians flee Kherson as Russian attacks intensify – BBC News

Ukraine civilians flee Kherson as Russian attacks intensify – BBC News

Hello welcome to BBC News we start this hour with a special report from Ukraine from the southern Port of Hassan which is under increased bombardment from Russian forces and where on Tuesday the maternity ward of a hospital was among the places shelled Hassan is often called the gateway to Crimea and because of its strategic importance it was one.

Of the first places taken by Russian forces at the start of the war it was liberated last month in a significant gain for Ukrainian troops but civilians are now living with a daily onslaught of Russian shelling our correspondent yogita limaya spent the last four days in Hesson with colleagues Imogen Anderson Sanjay ganguli and Mariana Matt.

Vachuk and they sent this special report and I should warn you it contains some distressing images her son is being pounded this is where one of more than 40 Waters fell in a single day a City haunted by Relentless attacks another shell hit nearby between a block of homes.

as the firemen worked we heard the sound of more explosions after a brief pause they returned to the job dowsing the fire before anyone was hurt down the road we found people in a panic punish the Russians for their crimes punish them their whole lives a woman.

Cried they’d just seen a neighbor’s home being bombed she had to be rescued from the debris over and over this cycle repeats the day before 56 year old Serge hebreshun was killed here while he was sleeping we met his mother tomorrow.

Said he was her only child I must have felt something would go wrong that morning because I urged him to wake up and leave the house but he didn’t and that was it our lives are ruined she’d come to look for sirhi’s passport amidst the rubble a document to release his body from the.

Morgue we barely finished the conversation and there’s more bombing where do you live more started this is a picture of what’s Happening literally every single day in multiple locations this is a constant sound that we hear in person of artillery fire being exchanged this city is essentially.

Now pretty much you know on the front line uh close to the river which has become the de facto front line in the South behind me actually is where an explosion took place just over an hour ago five people were killed here 20 were injured every single day there are people being killed in this city six more died later.

Ordinary People out at the Central Market at a spot where just last month they’d celebrated being freed from Russian control surviving in her son is a matter of chance Victoria yarushko a Red Cross volunteer was killed just outside this base.

A few feet from safety in the underground shelter her mother Ludmila showed us the Medal of Honor she was giveness I’m very happy she helped a lot of people she was so kind but it’s also painful for me I must recover and raise her two children I tell them they should be proud of their mother because she is.

A hero Victoria’s son Sasha and his sister live here clearly comfortable with other volunteers war and loss bind them together dimitro rickitsky was Victoria’s friend when someone so close dies it is difficult but if we give up and stop then her death will have been in vain we.

Work to make sure people live everything else is secondary oh the bombs don’t stop while he waits for emergency calls he checks if his wife and children are okay then he heads out to evacuate those in need.

In the few days that we’ve been here we’ve seen the sentiment of relief that there was in the city after it was liberated from Russian control in November change very quickly to one of fear and Terror when the Russians withdrew they pulled back to the other side of the deeper River and that’s where they’re continuously bombarding.

The city from hundreds have begun to leave her son these roads leading out had been clear till Christmas what have you been affected by the shelling we asked Irina antonenka why she was going to talk we stayed this whole time and thought it would.

Probably when the home now hours and my father’s home was hit it was too scary at the train station a mother and three daughters carrying all they can in small bags and boxes it’s very difficult to leave I love Ukraine and my dear City but we have to get out of here somehow now Elena.

Salvanova told us she doesn’t know when she might see these friends again everyone in this city has a painful choice to make BBC News her song

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