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UK Prime Minister Liz Truss faces pressure to resign as economic concerns mount

U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss faced British parliament Wednesday as criticism grows over her economic agenda amid record inflation. CBS News’ Nikki Battiste and Lana Zak speak with foreign correspondent Ramy Inocencio on whether Truss’ days are numbered. #news #liztruss #unitedkingdom CBS News Streaming Network is the premier 24/7 anchored streaming news service from CBS

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss faces pressure to resign as economic concerns mount

British prime minister Liz truss faced the wrath of parliament today yeah her economic agenda is under added scrutiny as inflation in the UK hits a staggering 10.1 percent last week trust’s Finance Minister resigned and her government is now moving forward with a near complete reversal of her economic plans I’ve got the list here 45p tax cut gone.

Corporation tax cut gone 20p tax cut gone two-year energy freeze gone tax-free shopping gone economic credibility God they’re all gone so why is she still here Mr Speaker I am a fighter and not a quetter CBS News foreign correspondent Raby and ascencio joins us now for more on this raymie good to see you tell us what is.

Going on on Downing Street at the moment oh man um a mess is what’s going on frankly there this is a government with its prime minister making u-turns on a series of promises she came campaigned on just two months ago in order to get elected by her own conservative party members this is a prime minister and.

Finance Minister by the way declaring different policies about the same topic and now many in her own party let alone the opposition labor party we just saw Kiera starmer there asking or telling her to step down today list trust was jeered by members of parliament some in her own party and it reflects the mood of a majority here in this country one.

Phrase we’re commonly hearing now she is in office but not in power another described today’s pmqs as make or break and another forecast that should be out by this Christmas uh it sounds like her days in office may already be numbered especially when we’re hearing not just that searing criticism from her the.

Opposition party but also from members of her own party um is there is there any hope for Liz truss at all it hope yes she definitely is keeping that to herself but to answer that really there are two ways to look at this within her own conservative party and then in a general election with the.

Entire voting public involved now with their own party there’s absolutely blood in the water but the Tories don’t have an obvious mechanism to replace her at the moment neither do they have an obvious replacement right now so she could could theoretically limp on until January of 2025 that is the latest that the next general election needs to be.

Held she will probably not want to call one any earlier and that’s because with the entire voting public I mentioned she is get this the the least popular prime minister in at least the past two decades a new Hugo poll shows just 10 percent of respondents have a favorable review of her 80 percent see her unfavorably if a general world now her.

Party would wouldn’t just come in second it would come in third the labor party and kierstarmer would likely become the new prime minister those are are not good poll numbers for for mistrust Remy what is the process for selecting a new conservative leader should that need arise sure good question I think before we.

Even get to that question the party the conservative party has to figure out how to get rid of Liz trust first there is a party rule for example that dictates a new prime minister can’t be challenged in his or her first year in office but it’s possible that that could be changed no talk about it yet but it is possible Liz trust could also be forced out.

Through Mass resignations like what we saw just a few months ago with Boris Johnson that of course triggered his resignation earlier this year but you know just today the Home Secretary resigned she’s responsible for National Security and she’s been seen as a rising star herself but if trusts were to be forced down there really isn’t any.

Shortage of politicians who would want to try again Rishi sunak she he’s the former Chancellor under Boris Johnson he lost a trust this summer he could try to make a comeback Jeremy Hunt the new Finance Minister well placed because of his role but another Hugo poll also found that Boris Johnson yes his name again is actually the most popular.

Choice he left the door open when he stepped down we might remember that and frankly this would be pretty sweet revenge and a massive I Told You So a moment if we’re saying prime minister Boris Johnson at some point in the future oh that’s so interesting because when you say he left the door open I remember him saying that he was he was.

He was like a rocket ship who was being plunged into the ocean somewhere so that would be such an interesting turn of offense all right Remy thanks you bet