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U.S. House Speaker leaves Taiwan after meeting island’s president

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “U.S. House Speaker leaves Taiwan after meeting island’s president” here is their detail.

Now u.s house speaker nancy pelosi has ended her controversial visit to taiwan she was seen off by dignitaries at the airport about an hour ago china is responding on several fronts with chinese state-owned media calling the trip an opening salvo of war pelosi discussed u.s relations in asia our purpose are the three purpose i said.

But in doing so we want to increase inter-parliamentary cooperation and dialogue pelosi also addressed taiwanese parliament her trip has infuriated beijing which says it's planning to ramp up large-scale military drills around the self-ruled island which china considers a breakaway province despite.

The threat the u.s says it won't engage in saber rattling with china the u.s house speaker is the highest ranking american official to visit taiwan in 25 years now joining us from hong kong is journalist richard kimber richard thank you for joining us we'll talk about the increased military drills and threats in.

Just a moment but first on pelosi's visit to taiwan now that it's over why was it important that she go there well nancy pelosi said in her first speech to the taiwanese people and to the taiwanese legislature that she says the world faces a clear choice between democracy which he said is embodied in the self-governed island of taiwan and.

Autocracy which he says is represented by the way that the chinese communist party has governed the mainland of china she says that the u.s has an ironclad commitment to democracy around the world and that that was why she felt compelled to still visit taiwan despite the uh problems that she knew that might create in terms of u.s chinese tensions this is.

Also analysts here say a clear show of defiance from the us towards beijing because for weeks we've been hearing here threats and rhetoric from beijing dismissing the notion that this would be an appropriate thing for any senior u.s politician or lawmaker to do specifically with regards to a u.s house speaker and the fact that she's gone.

Ahead and done this is a clear show say analysts here that the us is not prepared to back down to that type of grandstanding from beijing over taiwan let's talk about china's reaction to pelosi's visit what can you tell us about how beijing has responded well that defiance and grandstanding has certainly continued again today after.

This visit has been concluded the foreign ministry briefing in its afternoon session said that this was what it called an ugly farce and that it dismissed any notion that the white house was saying this was not an official visit the foreign ministry in beijing said this was a clear and deliberate provocation by the u.s that.

Sought to undermine chinese national sovereignty as you mentioned it considers taiwan to be part of the chinese mainland now this is a really important detail because immediately after this visit has concluded beijing has increased its military presence around taiwan it now has more warships and aircraft flying around the island.

Than it has done in recent memory it has six specific zones that are effectively encircling uh taiwan and over the next four days beijing has announced that it will be carrying out what it says are military drills that involve long-range live-firing exercises alice here again saying this is a clear sign from beijing that it's trying to intimidate taiwan.

And show that it is willing potentially in the future to take that island back by force something it's never really ruled out as part of its strategy to reincorporate taiwan to the chinese mainland so there's no real sign of a de-escalation right now but there is some relief on the part of some analysts here that this has not escalated into.

Something more than simply a war of words and military drills around the island and that's some relief for some market investors here and some political commentators okay richard kimber in hong kong thank you

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