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U.S. flights grounded | What is the NOTAM FAA system?

U.S. flights grounded | What is the NOTAM FAA system?

Ctv’s auction attendant has more for us Akshay what’s the latest we’ve been tracking the story very closely we’re learning from the FAA that normal air traffic operations like you were pointing out are beginning to resume gradually across the U.S following that outage the problem was stemming from the notice to air emission.

System that provides safety into flight Crews called No dams now thousands about six thousand plus flights have been affected this morning most of them delayed and some canceled as well as the FAA scrambled to fix this outage earlier the agency had ordered Airlines to pause all domestic departures after its pilot alerting system crashed so basically if.

There’s cranes in the areas if runways are closed if taxiways are closed if they’ve put chemicals on the runway it’s all this important stuff that the pilots need to know before they leave no time or notice to wear emissions is a system that FAA describes as giving the real time and abnormal status of U.S airspace it contains information That’s.

Essential to flight operations now while the White House this morning initially said that there is no evidence of a Cyber attack President Joe Biden said we don’t know and told reporters he’s directed the Department of Transportation to investigate the cause of this disruption aircraft are still land safely let’s not.

Take off right now we don’t know what the cause of it is they expect to be able to take a couple hours for travelers in the U.S who face flight cancellations over the holidays and winter storms and a breakdown with the Staffing technology at Southwest earlier last month now some at the airports.

Today are urging their transport secretary to pull up his socks our secretary Buddha jet needs to get his act together more stressful everything from the bags to the timing I think interesting to look at this is called the misery map by FlightAware and you will notice how those circles turn from green to Red from 1am this morning.

To 9 A.M where the circle’s done bigger and are more red than before indicating the misery in delays and cancellations across the U.S now transport secretary Pete budajet says that he will get to the bottom of this outage Meanwhile we’re also learning the U.S Senate Commerce Committee will also investigate cause of FAA computer system outage that.

Sparked massive flight delays across the country back to Marshall

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