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U.S. attorney reviewing documents marked classified found at Biden think tank

President Biden is facing questions tonight after classified documents were found at an office once used by the president after leaving office as vice president Republicans are pouncing on the news but lawyers and political experts say this case is different than the one involving former president Trump and his handling of classified documents.

KCAL news political reporter Tom wait is here now to explain Tom well one impact you know Nuance is not a real strong suit for politicians right correct so that’s that’s kind of where we go with this all right so there’s huge news when former president Donald Trump’s Resort where he lives was searched so now Republicans are claiming President Biden.

Is getting special treatment in connection with the discovery of these classified documents the classified documents were found here in this Washington DC building about a mile from the White House CBS sources say the materials were in the offices of the Penn Biden Center a foreign policy Research Institute set up after.

President Biden left the vice presidency according to a source familiar with the matter the classified documents are small in number and were found in November in a box among unclassified material sources would not characterize how sensitive the documents are professor of politics Jack Pitney we just don’t know what they are perhaps.

There is more to the story than Professor Pitney points out the discovery of these documents and how they appear to have been turned over immediately makes this case very different from the search and seizure of classified documents over the summer at former president Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort huge difference uh we.

Know about this only because Biden’s lawyers brought it to the attention of the National Archives they said these documents got mixed in and here they are very different from withholding documents if by The Bushel and uh resisting uh turning them over to the National Archives until the FBI shows up the documents were found in November.

Before the midterm elections lawyers for President Biden were cleaning out the office and discovered the documents in a locked closet they stopped work and contacted the White House White House lawyers then reached out to the National Archives archives contacted the Department of Justice Republicans are pouncing on the news they knew about.

This a week before the election so you know 91 days before the election President Trump’s home gets raided but this information they knew about the White House knew about before the election maybe the American people should have had a right to know about it as well Mr Trump also weighed in posting when is.

The FBI going to raid the many homes of Joe Biden perhaps even the White House these documents were definitely not Declassified the resolution is agreed to Meanwhile the new Republican majority in the house passed a new rules package agreed to last week which included demands from far-right members of the GOP giving them more influence and power.

It was house Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s first legislative test since winning the speaker’s gavel last week in a chaotic process that saw him lose the vote at historic 14 times before finally winning on the 15th try this is this kind of thing that members of a political party have to do uh so uh it’s a sign that at least in.

This regard the Republicans are sticking to the party line attorney general Merrick Garland has assigned Chicago U.S attorney John lausch a trump appointee with determining what is in the documents and how they arrived at the Penn Biden Center CBS News sources say the investigation is almost complete it will.

Then be up to the attorney general to decide whether to open a criminal investigation but I think Professor Pitney sort of really laid it out there this is very different than the Trump classified document situation but but still that will not stop exactly that’s it where we are that’s that’s 100 no matter what 100 but thanks Tom thank you.

Thanks Tom

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