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Two suspects in shooting death of OPP officer facing first-degree murder charges

Two suspects in shooting death of OPP officer facing first-degree murder charges

Our top story two suspects in the shooting death of a Haldeman County OPP officer are facing first degree murder charges tonight and tributes are growing for the 28-year-old officer who was shot and killed on duty near Hagersville yesterday now Sweeney is at the hold of an OBP Detachment tonight and joins us live with the latest now.

Hi there Adam well what’s happening right now is that we’re waiting for the opp commissioner he’s heading here to Cayuga to the opp headquarters here to give us a statement on the latest on what the police can tell us about what’s Happening Here what they can tell us about the suspects about the circumstances around the officer’s.

Shooting and anything more about their investigation into this tragic police shooting this stretch of Indian Line near Hagersville was still blocked off by police today with a vehicle still off the road the opp officer was shot and killed when he was responding here to a call of a vehicle in the ditch the.

Officer 28 year old Greg perchalla had just completed his probation to become a permanent member of the opp police officers stood in line and saluted last night as his remains were carried to Toronto he’s being highly praised today as a well-liked and dedicated young police officer his shooting led to a Manhunt in the area last night with.

People warned to stay inside and not answer the door until the opp announced two arrests a few hours later 25 year old Randall McKenzie and 30 year old Brandy Stewart Sperry are charged with first degree murder they appeared in Cayuga Court by video today from jail they were ordered held in custody until their next appearance January 17th as.

The court appearance ended we could hear in the courtroom a shout over the video that was still alive a woman shouting love you Randy someone responding love you too the officer’s death has shaken people in Haldeman County oh they’re it’s really hard to find the right words in this type of situation it’s tragic it doesn’t make sense and my.

Heart my prayers my thoughts go out to the officer’s family and to the entire OPP family you know we all know so many men and women in blue who wake up every single day and then First Responders in general who wake up every day and put their lives at risk to protect us to protect our community sorrow grief shock.

Uh this is devastating for our community to have one of our officers shot and killed I mean they’re out there doing their job and they got our backs and this is continuing to happen so it’s not it’s not great at the Cayuga OPP Detachment today flags were at half mast and a floral tribute was piling up on the front steps.

So at that court hearing today Justice of the Peace Brett Kelly spoke out he called this a sad and tragic day he called these events horrific and expressed condolences over the officer’s shooting

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