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Two suspects face first-degree murder charges after fatal shooting of OPP officer

Two suspects face first-degree murder charges after fatal shooting of OPP officer

A community is reeling after an officer was shot and killed while on a routine call in Hagersville just outside of Hamilton we are learning more about Constable Greg perchala tonight a rookie OPP officer on the job for just over a year and the tragic circumstances around his shocking murder it was the 28 year old’s first time.

Responding to calls on his own as an opp officer when he was killed in the line of duty Constable piercalla had been told earlier in the day that he had successfully completed a 10-month probationary period and was cleared for solo Patrol that’s a special day for any police officer to get out there on your own Greg wanted to be a police officer.

Since he was five years old and it was his dream so you know first days kind of live in his dream and on his own and uh he’s killed in the line of duty it’s it’s it’s just it’s unthinkable on Tuesday he was he responded to a call about a car in a ditch Indian line and Concession 14 near the southwestern border of the mississaugas.

Of the Credit First Nation police say he was shot when he arrived he was transported to hospital with life-threatening injuries where he was pronounced dead two suspects fled the scene prompting a Manhunt and emergency alert for residents in nearby communities to shelter in place the suspect’s 25-year-old Randall McKenzie.

And 30 year old Brandy Stewart Sperry were taken into custody shortly after and have both been charged with first degree murder Constable piercalla’s body is now in Toronto after an overnight procession officers lining the road to pay tribute to the man described as always being happy and bubbly with a huge heart the.

Community is shaken an incident like this is unheard of in Haldeman County absolutely a shock that our small County about 48 000 people we’ve never had an incident like this where an officer has been shot and killed before prior to joining the opp perchala served as a special Constable at Queen’s Park and was a member of the Canadian Armed.

Forces he grew up in Barrie and attended York University where he was part of the wrestling team his wrestling coach tweeting he was the epitome of what an officer should be pierchalla is the fourth officer to be shot dead in Ontario and the fifth in Canada since September that’s unheard of here in Canada it’s a disturbing Trend and we’re.

All concerned about it condolences have been pouring in for the officer among them the premier tweeting he is horrified by the killing of an on-duty opp officer he also thanks the officers who apprehended the suspects without incident the Prime Minister also tweeting to his friends family and colleagues the thoughts of all Canadians.

Are with you for city news I’m tinae as Danny

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