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Twister touches down in Manitoba amid severe storm

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Twister touches down in Manitoba amid severe storm” here is their detail.

A tornado touched down in manitoba tonight as a storm bringing heavy rain hail and high winds swept through the province i think that's a twister that's a formation i think wow and climate change canada says the twister hit land just after 6 30 5 kilometers east of tulan the interlake.

Town is located about 60 kilometers north of winnipeg the tornado lasted four to five minutes there were reports the tornado almost impacted a farm fortunately there were no injuries or damages tornado watches and warnings issued for manitoba earlier tonight have ended the tornado watch is still in place in northwestern ontario including.

Kenora nestor falls ear falls and red lake the hill is coming heavier there were also reports of toony sized hail in the province this video from a ctv viewer was taken in camarno about 15 kilometers north of tulun

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