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Tua in Concussion Protocol, J.J. Watt to Retire | The Insiders

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Tua in Concussion Protocol, J.J. Watt to Retire | The Insiders

Welcome inside with the Insiders Tom pellicero Mike Garafolo Ian Rapport there is a ton to get to around the league just real quick off the top can we just reflect for a second here Mike’s starting with you on the fact that we’re going into week 17. we got two weeks left in the regular season I feel like it was yesterday we were zipping around.

An inside training camp and now suddenly you start seeing that that Super Bowl ticker they sent out every morning being a day in the 40s here I don’t know maybe it’s the fact that we’re you know in this semi-post coveted World we’re actually traveling like normal but I feel like this is flowing by yeah there’s a clip of Mike Francis a uh.

Splice together um by it was a fun house is that the account where it says Mike Francesa is constantly surprised how quickly the NFL season is going it’s just like we’re in week five can’t believe it week eight can’t believe it and just ever since that I’m I can’t like every time you bring I can’t say that because I’m.

Afraid of like we’re gonna be spliced together one day and made fun of on the internet we probably will be spliced together made fun of the internet but for probably other reasons than that um this is always really weird to me because we get to this time of year it feels like The Season’s been going for.

95 years these next two weeks go by excruciatingly slow and then January goes by in the blink of an eye because being a coaching stuff and then playoffs which is awesome NFL calendar is weird our lives are weird anyway what do you want to talk about there’s there’s plenty here let’s start with some of the quarterback issues.

Around the NFL including one in Miami that I’m sure we’ll be talking about here for the foreseeable future it is to a tongue of iloa Landing back in concussion protocol there is going to be plenty of both professional and amateur doctoring on the internet and reading into videos and everything else let’s just start in the facts here with.

Tuatanga Aloha what we know is he finished out that game on Sunday according to the team he did not report nor exhibit any signs of a concussion Dr Alan Sills the NFL’s chief medical officer joined NFL Network’s Judy Batista earlier today and said the same thing which is that yes to a hit his head which happens many many times in.

Any every NFL game but unless he then exhibits symptoms of a concussion after the head impact it’s not enough to trigger the protocol but two it shows up on Monday morning he is exhibiting symptoms this would be honestly a pretty standard part of the NFL except that Tua suffered one of the scariest concussions that we’ve ever.

Seen back in week four in Cincinnati missed several games it led to that or the combination of issues led to changes in the concussion protocol here it raises a whole lot of questions Mike about not just the concussion protocol but also two is short medium and long-term future and quite frankly I’m not sure that any of them are answerable.

Right now by the three of us sitting here well and they’ve been clear Dr Alan Sills and and all the medical experts have been clear it’s an inexact science it’s very subjective the way that you determine how a guy has a concussion is based on symptoms that you can observe or he can report which to a did in this.

Case or answers to the questions as you’re going through the protocol and there were no indications that anything popped up on Sunday during the game uh so it you can’t sit there and just observe from afar and say oh this guy is conclusively objectively he has a concussion so did he play poorly yes apparently he wasn’t playing through.

Symptoms because he reported them after the game which can happen you can have I mean it was it was a giant just happened last week or two weeks ago Jihad Ward was giving a post-game interview passionately talking about how the team needs to step up and then two days later it was in the concussion protocol so it can happen as far as his future and you.

Know the the medical experts and and Dr Sills uh made it clear that they will gather all the information as they take him through the protocol present it to him he will have a say in the matter in other words if he says you know what bag it that’s too many I don’t want to continue to suffer head injuries I’m out like it’ll be up to him but I just don’t.

See a scenario right now it doesn’t seem where everybody’s anybody’s going to throw up the stop sign right now and say that’s it you’re never coming back right now the only person I think that is going to do that in this case Ian is going to be to himself if he decides to do it not saying he’s considering it I’m just saying that that seems to be the.

Only way that he doesn’t return to the field ever again you know we’re in such a weird time now with all this and I don’t mind Twitter doctors it’s honestly kind of interesting to see the guys who share their expertise based on watching one you know one angle or maybe sometimes two angles and they say oh here’s what.

This injury was and that’s always interesting because those guys know a lot of things at least and then there’s the concussion Twitter doctors and yesterday to see immediately you know a video on Twitter where it’s like here’s where he got a concussion it’s like okay well did he or I don’t know like it anecdotally explains him playing.

Terribly in the second half but we don’t know if that’s real or not but that was kind of the backdrop of all the discussion I say it’s like oh well obviously that explains why he played terribly and why he threw it to the other team so many times but we don’t know if it does or doesn’t we don’t know if he was feeling anything we didn’t.

Know if he just didn’t say anything we don’t know if he was completely fine I mean that’s that’s the main problem so like you know I know you know you guys just like I do talk about injuries on TV all the time with concussion there’s almost nothing to say because it’s very cut and dry he has a concussion or he doesn’t and there’s really no gray area.

So it’s just this is all weird I hope TOA is okay it’s terrible timing for his team not that that matters as much as his health but it is an absolutely critical stretch for the Dobbins are now going to probably have their backup quarterback this week because this unfortunate situation for everyone there was also a quote the Tua had.

During his post game press conference referencing that on the second interception he might have called the wrong play in the Huddle which some people want to point to and go aha from my understanding that was Tua protecting a receiver who ran the wrong route on the play so he’s trying to do the leadership thing it might McDaniel.

Actually referenced that in his press conference as well so this was not evidence that somehow tool was unable to call the play in the Huddle frankly quarterbacks messed that stuff up sometimes too but in this case this is actually him just trying to to do a solid for one of his receivers I from what I understand unlikely and I think.

That’s pretty apparent that he plays this week against the Patriots which means he’ll be Teddy Bridgewater in a big time game for Miami also I would fully anticipate two is going to do the same thing he did last time which is Consulting additional concussion Specialists Gathering all the information here before making any types.

Of decisions about exactly where things go from here let’s get to a team that is getting their quarterback back in the lineup That is the New York Jets Mike White who took all those hellacious hits in the game against Buffalo missed a couple of games medically cleared Ian after three fractured ribs and to listen to Robert Sully even though he keeps.

Saying they’re not quitting on Zach Wilson seems abundantly clear that for the duration of the 2022 season however long that goes because they still have playoff hopes alive this is very much Mike White’s team and it should be and that’s like it’s funny like Salah is you know I think he’s handled this the right way I don’t.

Know how you’re supposed to do any of this you know publicly distancing yourself from your franchise quarterback that you still believe in it you’d still like to be back next year but definitely not this year is a really tough dance for Robert saw I think he’s done a nice job but I don’t know guys that I’ve ever seen a situation like this first of all.

Everyone knew for sure that Mike White was going to get cleared Monday I mean everyone knew for sure including fans by the way um and it’s been I’m not sure there’s been a quarterback more universally celebrated than Mike White who doesn’t have a lot of credentials doesn’t have a big pedigree came from being cut a.

Couple different times and now is basically the Savior like if they are going to the playoffs which is still possible he’s going to have to lead him there and if he does it leads to many many many many more questions including does he begin next season as the starter do they bring in someone like Jimmy Garoppolo or did they bring Zach Wilson.

Back or do they try to trade him and like the Cardinals did with Josh Rosen like God forbid the Jets win the questions are way more than if they lose that said I guess they will take it well he could play himself into that I I think that’s a big part of what we’re watching down the stretch here because.

There’s been some good performances there’s been some close games there was that upset of the Bengals uh Mike White then there was the uh uh game against the Bears where he all of a sudden was pushing because the thought was like maybe he just looks great because he’s the ball’s coming out quick he makes quick decisions he’s checking it down it.

Was like no that’s what defenses were giving him and then he started to push the ball down the field a little bit more and it was like okay maybe he’s got all of the tools to make it happen so I think these last couple of games here he can play himself into well at the very least we can bring in a veteran and Mike White can compete with that guy or if he.

Doesn’t play well then it’s like hey we need we need a long-term solution or a permanent solution here at the quarterback position that isn’t Mike White or isn’t Zach Wilson I I don’t see any way that he plays that poorly so I think you could have yourself an interesting situation maybe I’ll uh Washington right where Taylor heinecke.

Played really well but it was like like look we gotta go out and get somebody so they bring in Carson Wentz and the next thing you know whence kind of gets hurt and heidecky’s back in the starting role and now it’s likely going back to Wentz again right you could have one of those type situations with the Jets we’ll see but uh to me you’ve got Mike White at.

The very least a terrific number two a good guy to push whoever you’ve got in front of him and and maybe even have that competition going in even if you think it’s going to wind up being the other guy yeah really quick eating because we’re going long here Zach Wilson’s got 9.3 million dollars fully guaranteed over.

The next two years as a fifth year option that could be picked up after that if the Jets try to trade him what can they get uh you’re probably I don’t think it’s going to be the Josh Rosen deal which was a late two I think it’ll probably be more like no chance right I think it’ll be more.

Like you know fourth or fifth rounder for someone to take a fire and maybe it works maybe it doesn’t and I don’t think he’s gonna give up any guaranteed money why would he so my guess is fourth or fifth round or maybe a little bit later but I do think he’s tradable because all quarterbacks are tradable in other quarterback injury news Jalen.

Hurts still day by day according to Nick siriani which means what Mike for this weekend and their game against the Saints means he’s gonna push to play and they may have to pull back on the reins a little bit but you know Jalen hurts you know he hated sitting the other day number one but to sit out another game.

You know for MVP purposes also competitive reasons right let’s let’s close this thing out now what it really means to me and I we we sat here when the injury came news came out last week and I said to you here’s a scenario that interests me what if it gets to week 18 the Giants need that game against them and they go you know.

What Jalen hurts hasn’t played in week 16 or 17. we got to get him some action so if he doesn’t play this week I think in week 18 yeah he gets some action with the starters now look they’re starting to get a little banged up okay avonte Maddox goes down Lane Johnson’s dealing with something uh you know and maybe you pull back and say look we don’t love the.

Idea that he’s gonna have a month plus off if that’s the case but we really need to err on the side of caution who knows we’ll see what happens but I I expect that Jalen hurts is gonna push to play this week but he just may not get to that point where he he’ll be able to do it yeah and I’m I’m with you Mike I I do.

Think he tries to play like if he went out there in practice this week I wouldn’t be that surprised nothing wrong with that probably help him keep sharp a little bit the only thing I would say is the thing I always say which is literally nothing is as important as being healthy in the playoffs like not seating not buys not home field.

Advantage literally nothing putting your quarterback In Harm’s Way for seeding to me I’m sorry but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me I don’t know what do I know real quick too on the Giants here what they have to do it’s very simple beat the Colts this week and they are in hard to imagine based on the Colts team.

That we have seen particularly in the second half the fourth quarters never know they’re going to beat anyone oh my God negative fantasy points Tom negative fantasy points week week to week in the NFL Lineup last night Ian’s sitting there at halftime last.

Night with minus six on Nick Foles in his championship game where all he had to do is not start him at all it wouldn’t have been close and it was getting uh a little close for comfort but he escaped I escaped because Justin Herbert didn’t far outscore Keenan Allen we got plane to talk about we’ll talk a little fantasy later on the show let’s.

Take a quick break here we got to get to JJ Watt announcing his retirement and also big changes in Denver where Nathaniel Hackett out as the head coach where do they go from here to fix Russell Wilson who they do believe is fixable we’ll talk about all that next from the inside my first year covering the entire NFL at.

USA Today at the time was back in 2013. for whatever reason that year I remember having quite a few uh Houston Texans games and seeing JJ they were good dominate like I would fairly say almost yeah they they were good but I I would fairly say dominate unlike virtually anybody that we’ve seen on defense during the 12 years that JJ Watts been.

In the league you look back I did this earlier today from 2012 to 2015. Four Seasons JJ Watt had 69 sacks including two years with 20 sacks when the defensive player of the year three times over those four years he ended up playing seven more seasons he was hurt during four of them the injuries really kind of added up over the course of his.

Career but was playing some pretty good football before making the announcement on Twitter today that he is walking away played his final home game this past week we’ll finish out the season over these next couple of weeks the way that they could move him up and down the line Mike using the different positions create those mismatches and just his.

Innate ability look at all these highlights getting the hands on the ball all the time I I there’s just not another defensive end we’ve seen with that much ball production to say nothing of the fact that he was a pass rusher and you know just in terms of the body type I don’t know that we’ve ever seen anybody else quite like this guy.

Yeah you had a pick six or is it a fumble recovery for a touchdown whatever it was and he had to pick a picture afterward his entire thigh was black and blue uh from an injury that he had suffered and he was playing through and running through um pretty impressive career the thing about what was you started to hear Last.

Offseason because Amazon was coming in they had a bunch of seats to fill for their Thursday night football coverage to start from scratch there were some other networks that had some moving Parts some empty chairs that needed to be filled and all of a sudden JJ Watt was being discussed at uh discussed for a potential broadcast career and it was.

Like well he’s still got I think it was like 8.5 million fully guaranteed something like that and he still had the desire to play one more season he loved the fact that his son was there for his for for his last home game even though the sun won’t remember he’s just a little baby but it was nice to have that experience so it sounded like he just.

Had one more season in him because he could have just jumped ship and taken one of those broadcast jobs I would expect in the near to long-term future sure JJ Watt to have a successful career in broadcasting in some capacity so kudos to him for his playing career and and best of luck on what’s to come I am sure we have not seen the last of JJ.

Watt connected to the NFL I kind of Wonder and I’m not a TV agent obviously I have a full-time job I kind of wonder if he’ll be like Strahan where like it’s football a little bit but also like main like he’s got to be as much mainstream a football player as as we’ve seen right and I think he’d be he probably would be great at whatever he.

Does a couple interesting things for me on JJ Watt one I was watching the Cardinals Bucks game at Mike’s house the other day Mike thanks for the bourbon I appreciate it um JJ is still awesome he really is still awesome like I haven’t I mean I’ve watched a lot of Cardinals games this year but I haven’t really sit and.

Watched just only that like I did he was in on basically every play he is retiring at the top of his game which is pretty amazing like kind of like what you guys were saying though like I think back to his early Texans career when the Texans took him early in the first round everybody probably thought they were crazy and then the playoff game which I.

Think was his rookie year but might have been his second year he had the pick six and took over the city and I’m like this guy is amazing and the legend started building we had that rustic you know Log Cabin in the Woods which turned out to be a 16 000 foot mansion but it just it all escalated from there JJ Watt is amazing he deserves a nice retirement.

I’m happy he got one the 2011 NFL draft in the top 11 picks Cam Newton Von Miller AJ Green Patrick Peterson Julio Jones Alden Smith Tyron Smith JJ Watt on top of Marcel Darius and a couple of quarterbacks that I won’t mention in here but that’s you got an MVP you’ve got like four Surefire Hall of Famers and probably three other.

Potential Hall of Famers and then you know the Titans took Jake Locker but it’s one of the best tops to the drafts uh that you’ll ever see even before you got to Watt at number 11. also I was just looking this up in 2014 JJ Watt this is just these are like Chuck Norris facts five touchdowns he scored in the 2014 season he had an interception.

Return a fumble cut recovery return and three receiving touchdowns That season because they were using him as like a detached Gronk style tight end I mean we just we haven’t seen anybody else quite like that guy so kudos to JJ Watt on a incredible career and as I mentioned earlier today on NFL now since we’re now all hardened to the reality that.

Sometimes guy announced they’re retiring and then a few months later after we’ve all given our tributes they come back JJ Watt would be a free agent after the season so if at any point he gets the itch he’d come back sign with any team he wants that would potentially include the Denver Broncos who would are going to have a new head coach after they.

Fired Nathaniel Hackett on Monday it seemed guys like an increasing inevitability that Hackett was going to be out the surprise if any was the fact that it came with two weeks left in the season but Greg Penner the new owner and CEO made this clear today that they were embarrassed on Sunday it was a family affair for the the Walton and Penner.

Family obviously out there with Stan kroenke and his family as they took on the Rams giving up 51 points fighting on the sideline fighting on the field I just step away and think it’s amazing that Nathaniel Hackett kept that team together as long as he did because there were a lot of challenges a lot of Dynamics obviously all the injuries that.

They dealt with and the fact that his quarterback you know right or wrong was playing poorly through the course that season obviously the idea was it was gonna be Hackett plus Russell Wilson that was going to be this new era of Broncos football it did not work out that way they are still committed to Russell Wilson who is fully guaranteed.

On his contract through 2024 what do they do now George Payton said today you know this is not about changing coaches not about fixing rust but do we believe he’s fixable yes we do believe that he is fixable Ian who is it or what should they be looking for at a time that you’re not just trying to fix Russell Wilson the player but also the.

Entire really culture within that building which you know this year was not where it needed to be I can’t believe what a disaster this was and I will say this I mean from the first week it looked like a disaster and it was and I will also say Tom that I think you uh in private comments I don’t I don’t feel bad about sharing this you.

Express concern really early on that the coaching staff was so young could have used some guidance could he use some veterans someone to help him kind of get this thing going in the right direction uh real quick because I know we got to get to break to me offense defense doesn’t matter Hiro leader who’ll come in and get the culture right and make.

Sure Russ is doing what he needs to do make sure the receivers aren’t throwing fits every time they don’t get the ball make sure guys aren’t fighting on the sidelines you can find a good offensive coordinator but God get this culture right for the first time in a while yeah I hate to say this because Russ pushed against this in Seattle for so.

Long gotta run the ball got to get somebody who’s got a good mindset for running the football and allow him to play off of that I know you spent all that money I know he had Grand designs of maybe I’ll be an MVP candidate finally run the football sorry Russ forget MVP candidate for the moment just get back to playing the type of winning.

Football that you played in Seattle for a long period of time all right we got to take a quick break here I’ve got a fantasy scenario that actually happened to me and you know I know no one cares about my fantasy team but I do this is an interesting one we’ve got a great debate here over a violation of rules in the playoffs and what the punishment.

Should be we’ll talk about that after this on the Insiders I’m in a salary cap keeper fantasy league and this scenario arose this morning we do all the bidding through an automatic process on a website but someone manually keeps the salary cap numbers every owner is responsible for managing their own cap and it turns out.

One of these semi-final winners this week bid 10 on Gardner minshu and according to the spreadsheet that put them eight dollars over the cap for their semi-final game which raises this question which was debated in a lot of emails and a lot of text messages today what should the punishment be for this violation and keep in mind Mike the.

Player involved won by 35 points minshu contributed 25 points to their total up until four fifth what would you say is the proportional punishment and forfeit is that’s it it’s a forfeit you were in violation of roster building rules that’s it you’re dead I don’t see the problem here you lost goodbye try again next season stay within the rules.

Yeah I’m with Mike absolute forfeit I mean should be lucky you don’t kick him out of the league definitely dock draft picks next year inexcusable There are rules if you don’t play by and then you don’t get to win I don’t I don’t see the argument goodbye am I embittered because I got knocked out of this league by like .08 points.

Last week who’s to say well I’m definitely not in the championship game he is For Now updates on this as we sort this out tomorrow thanks for joining us here on the Insiders for Mike Garafolo and here rappaportim Tom Pell with Sarah see you