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Truss Leadership: Home Sec resigns and Labour makes bullying allegations

Truss Leadership: Home Sec resigns and Labour makes bullying allegations

Are you and the Prime Minister divided one of the shortest serving home secretaries in history never a happy relationship with her prime minister with the Prime Minister split on migration Boat Crossings and student visas oh Liz is going to be brilliant she’s going to give us a a boost once a leadership hopeful many think still a.

Leadership hopeful getting herself noticed with no hold barred language likely to appeal to toy traditionalists it’s the guardian reading tofu eating dare I say the anti-growth Coalition that we have to thank for the disruption that we are seeing on our roads today in fact after being caught transferring.

Sensitive government documents to her private phone for sharing with colleagues she may be gone but her allies in government now towing a difficult line the reality is I’m Bound by the ministerial code to represent government policy now we have to be realistic about migration Sue Ella was taking a good strong line on the boats.

Crossing illegally that’s still got to be dealt with and suello was taking a good pragmatic line on the seasonal agricultural workers scheme which again I support and also of course we stood on a Manifesto commitment but it’s not for me to preempt what the prime minister’s migration policy is the two most senior members of her cabinet gone five days.

Apart doesn’t suggest stability means loyalists reaching forever more unusual arguments to justify what’s been going on I have heard reports that there were people in the Bank of England and in the treasury who were not fully supportive or compliant of the chancellor in his policy you repeat these reports you believe these extraordinary reports.

Which some would claim is a conspiracy theory I’m just saying that not everybody in the Bank of England and the treasury were in my view sufficiently supportive of the chancellor profound political differences inside the conservative party turned later in the day to personal confrontations as tempers frayed and allegations of.

Shoving were made in what was a perfect metaphor for today there was an allegation of bullying in the government division lobbies made by a senior labor MP there was a group including several cabinet ministers who were basically shouting at them and and at least one member was physically pulled through the door into the voting Lobby now that is.

Completely out of order in our system we are meant to be able to vote without fear or favor he was to my mind physically manhandled into the into the lobby and before that there was a whole load of doing like this very aggressive I’ve never I’ve been an MP for 21 years I’ve never seen that he says this picture is supporting.

Evidence for his claims Jacob Reese mogg visible in this photo vehemently denied that there was shouting pushing or manhandling whether it’s the personal political or on policy for conservatives in Parliament there’s a growing perception it’s going to be all but impossible to put it back together again how many will even try samcoat Sky News.


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