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Trudeau travels to Mexico for 3 Amigos summit

Trudeau travels to Mexico for 3 Amigos summit

Prime minister Justin Trudeau waving goodbye to Canada Monday before taking off for Mexico City where the so-called three Amigo Summit with his North American counterparts gets in full swing Tuesday with Mexico’s president Andre’s Manuel Lopez obrador also known as amlo he’s hosting the Gathering the U.S president touching down south of his.

Border over the weekend Joe Biden and Trudeau are scheduled to hold a bilateral meeting Tuesday Morning a big piece of it is how we make sure we’re maximizing the economic opportunities speaking ahead of his trip Trudeau touching on one key item on his agenda telling Reuters Canada and the U.S will argue that resolving a dispute over.

Measures that favor Mexican energy companies would help draw more foreign investment to Mexico both President Biden and I are going to be you know fairly clear with with President Lopez obrador that this this needs to be understood as as a way to help Mexico develop a way to continue to draw in investments from from companies in.

Canada and the United States in what we want to see as real growth for for Mexican people ahead of the talks Biden touring a border wall between the U.S and Mexico a stop that sparked criticism because Biden didn’t meet or see any migrants during his brief visit the crisis at the border a top issue during meetings with.

Biden and amlo along with drug trafficking especially Fentanyl recent gang violence in Mexico the background to the summit following the arrest of an accused drug lord the son of former cartel leader El Chapo gun battles leaving roughly 30 people dead the Canadian government issued a shelter and place advisory last week for Canadian.

Tours in Mexico Sinaloa State and Ottawa is still recommending avoiding non-essential travel across parts of that region Melissa Duggan City news

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