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Trudeau arrives in Mexico for summit

Trudeau arrives in Mexico for summit

Well prime minister Trudeau is set to meet with U.S President Joe Biden in Mexico City this morning when his wife arrived in Mexico yesterday ahead of the candidate U.S Mexico Summit AKA The Three Amigos and joining us live on cb24 breakfast now is Frank McKenna current Deputy chairman of.

TD Bank former Canadian ambassador to the U.S and of course also former Premier to New Brunswick Mr McKenna thanks so much for joining us this morning really appreciate this let’s talk about uh the the trilateral summit Canada Mexico and the U.S there is a sense among some that Canada could be sort of relegated to almost third not.

Third party status but sort of third priority status at this Summit here how do you feel about Canada going into the summit and the stakes here oh I I don’t think there’ll be any doubt that will be an equal participant uh we do have the largest economic relationship with the United States and in that matters a lot but having said.

That I I recall getting into a a bit of a tiff with uh Condoleezza Rice when she was Secretary of State and I said look why don’t you pay more attention to Canada and she said look we save our attention for people who are giving us trouble uh she said Canada is like a Condominium Association she said a little paint job here a little bit of a.

Funding job there and everything’s okay so uh so if we don’t get uh quite as much attention on uh immigration issues violence uh Fentanyl and so on that’s not necessarily a bad thing that’s really interesting perspective Mr McKenna I do appreciate bringing that up because it is one of those things sometimes we feel like we’re not getting.

Enough attention but perhaps it’s sort of the squeaky wheel gets the oil and we’re kind of you know running fairly well here but there have been issues with the Canada U.S relationship in particular certainly under the Trump Administration and even now you know the Biden Administration has held on to some of the situations specifically around.

The Auto industry and you know what’s you know American made versus what’s Canadian made here uh how do you feel about about that part of the sort of equation here that you know the Americans have been willing to sort of fight over this while Canada and Mexico have sort of been you know trying to get in as it were.

Yeah so they’re always going to be at one of these Summits there’ll be trilateral pure trilateral issues and then pure bilateral issues uh an example of a bilateral issue is is Haiti uh the United States is talking directly to Canada and Haiti uh and a a trilateral issue would be the the entire uh Ed Supply train in Canada Mexico and the.

United States all have a common cause in trying to create a North American Powerhouse in terms of EV vehicles and uh also in terms of baptism the production of batteries so so we’ll be working together very closely on some of those issues you know Mexico clearly has a strong interest in being a near Shoring Hub and Canada uh that would be.

The case too although we wouldn’t have the advantage of lower wages but we bring other considerable attributes to the party and in the case of critical minerals we have a unique advantage over other countries in the world that’s interesting too now what is at stake here then for the Canadian economy um when it comes to sort of you know.

Trade relationships of course this is the north south trading relationship but we’ve seen the Trudeau government you know work a lot on Pan Pacific trade also working on EU trading and then of course trade with Britain after they’ve after brexit so where does the sort of north-south North American trade fit into Canada’s greater trade picture.

Yeah well it’s a great question we should continue uh pursuing free trade agreements with Europe and trans-pacific Partnerships and other entities around the world I think it’s the nature of Canada it’s in our DNA but we need to tend to the Garden uh close to home as well and the biggest trading relationship we have is of course is.

With the United States and another significant one is with Mexico so we need to we need to do a lot of work to attend that Garden because that’s the low-hanging fruit in the relationship and that’s where the irritants tend to come because that’s where most of the Commerce takes place uh so when you’ve got a trillion dollars of economic.

Activity inevitably there’ll be some uh Samaritans and things that we need to fix and we do know also that uh the Trudeau’s Trudeau has been pushing for a bilat a bilateral meeting uh just you know kind of one-on-one effectively with with Joe Biden how important is it that that happens well it is important in fact I think it.

May have already happened but at an emergence of these Summits are almost always bilateral meetings and the smaller the summit how the easier it is if you end up having 20 uh such as the G20 it’s very difficult I want to take advantage of your show though to highlight a small little area that doesn’t get discussed uh that has the.

Potential for uh a considerable cooperation between Mexico and uh and Canada gun violence is a massive issue it’s a massive issue in Canada uh with the number of guns from the United States coming in here and being used in the commission of crimes as much as 70 or 80 percent in Mexico it’s even more graphic you know they only have one uh.

Registered gun shop in Mexico and the Department of National Defense governs it uh and yet they had 130 million 130 000 people killed in the last six years with gun violence half a million guns All-American coming in and killing people so uh we both have the same problem and um and and they’ve uh they’ve started litigation litigating.

Against gun manufacturers against the various second and third parties involved in the gun trade trying to get around the uh the litigation bar which exists in the United States and I’ve always felt that we should join in that as well but we’re going against gun control debate in Canada and uh there are some for some against it but almost.

All make the point that we need to at least at a minimum stop the guns coming in from the United States so anything that we can do to join other parties and trying to reduce the flow of metal coming in from the United States I think it’s going to be seen well politically as well as practically yeah that is certainly a supply chain that we would.

Like to see cut off when it comes to North South trade uh Frank McKenna Deputy chairman of TD Bank and former Canadian ambassador to the U.S and Premier forces New Brunswick appreciate the time this morning thanks so much for joining us

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