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Tributes for three children stranded for days after both parents die in a crash in WA ABC News

Tributes for three children stranded for days after both parents die in a crash in WA ABC News

The aftermath of a tragedy three children a five-year-old girl and two boys aged one and two survived while their parents Cindy Braddock and Jake day died at the scene it’s believed the children were at the site for two days before the wreckage was found the five-year-old became unstuck in the vehicle and.

She then got the one-year-old out of the car seat basically they were stuck the car for the 55 hours in 30 degree heat the young family were on their way back to their hometown of condinin in wa’s wheat belt in the early hours of Christmas morning when the accident happened just amazes me that the amount of people well I presume the amount of.

People that would have driven past are not not seen anything yes so very very traumatic on the kids and it’s it’s hard to Fathom all three children are in hospital in Perth in a stable condition they arrived yesterday to the hospital very dehydrated as the local community Grieves the loss of these two young.

Parents attention has been turned to the condition of the roads in this area and while local farmers stress they don’t know if the state of the roads is what contributed to the crash they do say they’re in need of urgent repair it probably is you know the least the worst condition Highway leading out of Perth and particularly this time the year.

After it’s had a lot of grain coated over it wa’s Roads Department says there’s no issue with the condition in that section of the highway saying it was widened and sealed last Financial year while the family had this message don’t drive tired if if you’re gonna want to be somewhere just stay the night.

At a family’s place because it’s not worth it the cause of the accident is being investigated by Major crash Rebecca trigger ABC News condinin