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Travelers from China must test negative for COVID-19 before arriving to US

Now to the pandemic with covid raging now out of control across China the bite Administration is announcing that starting next week passengers coming in from that country will need a negative coveted test before they could enter America kick 9’s Tom wait is here now with details and Analysis on that tonight and Jeff in some areas we’re.

Being told by experts that the situation in parts of China is pretty dire so that’s sort of why this is all playing out with hundreds even thousands of passengers arriving at LAX each day from China this will be a massive undertaking to do all this testing and right now it’s not clear how La County’s Health Department will carry this out.

There are trying to open up things this traveler arriving at LAX Wednesday night from China describing the situation on the ground in China where government officials have ended their highly restrictive zero coveted policy the virus has been spreading now like wildfire so now here in the U.S starting January 5th Travelers arriving from.

China will have to show a negative covet test within 48 Hours of their trip I think it will help protect um people here I think it’s it’s fair in Beijing ambulances are flooding emergency rooms with coveted patients the virus raging out of control as much of the population is not properly vaccinated China’s government is not.

Acknowledging The Surge Dr Howard Bernstein is with Beijing United Family Hospital there was no preparation like nobody knew like a decision was made on us but you know there was no stockpiling of medications U.S officials say China’s lack of transparency on key scientific data could slow efforts to prevent the detection and spread of potentially.

Dangerous variants but whether additional testing for travelers coming in from China will make an impact here remains to be seen Dr Anjali campin is with St Joseph Medical Center unfortunately used was um subpar to Modern advisor which were.

The main vaccines we used here in the U.S because of that there’s been a lot more transmission and illness there I don’t think that we are seeing more lethal variants though but that’s always the concern travelers from other destinations arriving at LAX Wednesday evening also seemed on board with the new testing policy perhaps if only for.

Peace of Mind fact of the matter is there’s a lack of transparency from China so we need to make sure that we’re safe any policy that helps our community be safer as a health concern a global Health concern is a policy that I support we reached out to the LA County Health Department late this afternoon about how.

They will verify or administer these tests we have not heard back Jeff back to you okay Tom

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