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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg discusses FAA system outage

A government system we’re going to own it we’re going to find it and we’re going to fix it in this case we had to make sure that there was complete confidence about the safety of flight operations which is why there was the conservative but important step to have that pause and make sure everything was back up and running but as you can.

Imagine my top priority right now now that the system is working again as of about nine this morning is to understand the root cause understand how it could have led to this level of disruption and understand how to make sure that it does not happen again but how do you know it’s not going to happen again at this point do people need to worry about.

Another failure like this tomorrow well what people need to know is that we will not allow anything to take place that is not safe but this is precisely why our Focus right now is on understanding identifying and correcting anything related to the root cause and how this happened in the first place did you know about a potential system vulnerability.

Before this morning and if so why does the FAA rely on such Antiquated systems so uh the fa system so far has made it possible for an extraordinary safety record to be built up in the United States millions of passengers traveling near the speed of sound miles above the Earth and returning every time safely to the ground but that system also.

Constantly needs to be tended to upgraded refreshed and there are a number of processes underway right now in the FAA to make sure that those systems stay up to date this has been a big topic certainly before and since I’ve arrived in this role it’s also a right time for us to take a new look at that because we’re coming up on the FAA.

Reauthorization where we’ll be approaching Congress indicating the resources and strategy that we think we need for the next five years to make sure that FAA has everything that they need in terms of systems resources and staff I think this gives us a really important data point and a really important moment to understand what.

We’re going to need moving forward but obviously our more media Focus technical understanding exactly how this happened why the redundancies and the backups that were built into the system were not able to prevent the level of disruption that we saw today and to make sure that we have a hundred percent Clarity on any and all steps that are needed so that it.

Can’t happen again are you lacking thanks again thank you thank you sir well we’ve been listening to Secretary of Transportation people who judge discussing this morning’s FAA computer issue that caused a nationwide ground stop he said his department is working to get to the bottom of the issue he said when there’s a problem they are.

Going to find it they’re going to own it understanding the root causes so it won’t happen again and then he helped kind of explain what the issue was last night the main system had problems backup system came online and overnight as this regular system came online there was some factual errors and he told our Chris Van Cleave there you heard uh.

Asking questions that Travelers those of you with flights to catch don’t have anything to worry about but he said also his top priority getting to the bottom of how this happened in the first place so all of you don’t have to deal with the cancellations and delays that you’re managing today we’re going to take a very short break but we’ve got much more.

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Between autocracy and democracy and that is a fight that we’re all engaged in defending Taiwan now streaming on the free CBS News app when weather turns extreme States from the plains to the Northeast are bracing for more than two feet of heavy snow every second counts this is a monster.

Winter storm CBS News and The Weather Channel bring you virtual weather technology so Advanced so real there’s a wrinkle in the forecast the accumulating ice you’ll have time to get prepared take precautions before you head out feel the forecast on the CBS Evening News with Nora O’Donnell stories that inform or you can be really.

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