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Trade, economy and energy key issues at North American Leaders’ Summit

Trade, economy and energy key issues at North American Leaders’ Summit

So David trade and the economy obviously high up on the agenda yeah it’s Supply chains right at the top of that list too Adrian deeper ties between the three countries and key areas such as microchips electric vehicles and critical minerals because there’s a shared strategic appetite to lessen their Reliance on countries like.

China for those economic Necessities it’s a lesson they learned the hard way during the pandemic it’s a lesson that Europe is learning now when it comes to energy after the Russian invasion of Ukraine so the high level talks here is that this is all forced a global transition in trade so how does this highly successful trading block.

Capitalize on that transition and I suppose along with the trilateral meetings Justin Trudeau will obviously be meeting one-on-one with Joe Biden what are we expecting them to talk about right so Trey will be at the top of that agenda too but two things to watch on and one is the Nexus program the US has refused to reopen a series of offices in.

Canada because of concerns over legal protection for the employees that work there that’s led to a real backlog in this program we’re told that there has been significant progress made on this issue and to expect an announcement tomorrow and also on Haiti the U.S is looking for a country to lead the security and humanitarian response in.

That country and the White House says this is something that President Joe Biden will raise directly with prime minister Trudeau when they meet tomorrow all right David Cochran in Mexico City thanks David thank you

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