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Tracking the Tropics: Tropical Storm Fiona strengthens with 60 mph winds now

Tracking the Tropics: Tropical Storm Fiona strengthens with 60 mph winds now

As we speak we are tracking tropical storm fiona so let’s bring in meteorologist natalie ferrari we do have tropical storm watches and warnings for the northern leeward islands tonight and that actually expanded into portions of the dominican republic as of the 11 p.m update we do also have two disturbances out in the atlantic i’m going to go.

Ahead and just blow past those because i’ll tell you it’s a low potential of any development and even if they do develop these waves are actually going to stay over the atlantic the big story in the tropics has been tropical storm fiona also as of the latest 11 o’clock update it did get a little stronger we’ve seen a bit more convection really.

Blowing up with this system over the past couple of hours now looking at maximum sustained wind speeds at 60 miles per hour originally it was at 50 miles per hour since 5 pm earlier this evening but look what the track is doing not only continuing to keep it a tropical storm over the next couple of days that has been very consistent in.

The forecast once again another update this track is trying to turn more and more to the north and then eventually to the northeast trying to get again spare florida here so this is actually some good news now it is going to strengthen to a category one hurricane it’s forecast to do that as we get towards the early parts to the.

Middle of next week but this is what we want to see we want to see more of those models in agreement and continuing to take it more and more to the north but as mentioned we do have more tropical storm warnings for the northern leeward islands back up to the dominican republic and puerto rico we’re going to talk more about our rain chances here at.

Home locally for your weekend that’s in a few moments all right now we’ll chat with you very very soon so this is a good time right now to download our 10 tampa bay app we will send you alerts whenever we are tracking anything in the tropics

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