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Tory leadership: ‘The policy I put forward was misrepresented’ – Liz Truss

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Tory leadership: ‘The policy I put forward was misrepresented’ – Liz Truss” here is their detail.

Well the policy that i put forward was misrepresented and i wanted to make sure that our important frontline workers like doctors and teachers weren't worried that's why i cancelled the policy i did it straight away i was decisive and i was honest with the public about what i was doing.

If it's misrepresented rather than the wrong policy can't you reshape it and reenact it i'm very clear we're not proceeding with this policy what's important to me is that we support people at this difficult economic time by reversing the national insurance rise by getting rid of the green energy levy to save people money.

On their fuel bills and that will be my focus as prime minister regarding the first minister of scotland you said she should be ignored and that she's seeking attention is that your view of the first minister of wales is he seeking attention and should he be ignored the reality is that wales has been let down by 20 years of labour rule.

And what i am about is about making sure we bring opportunity investment to wales that we back wales fantastic farmers and that's what i'm going to be talking about in the hustings tonight you're not making any comments about attention seekers no i i i believe mark drakeford has not delivered for the people of wales and i.

Will be holding him to account on taiwan would you as prime minister what approach would you take or what do you think should happen regarding that is controversy over the visit by nancy pelosi well i do not support china's.

Inflammatory language on this issue it's perfectly reasonable what is taking place and i urge china to de-escalate final question on the nhs it came up a couple of times in the questions in the uh hall there how can you put it right people saying it's failing it's creaking and that was happening under tory rule.

Well we know that the nhs has really done a brilliant job over covid but there is a severe backlog now that we're facing it's difficult to get a gp appointment difficult to get a dentist appointment ambulance waiting times are far too long particularly in rural areas so what i would do as prime minister is make sure we are empowering the front.

Line more we're reducing the central dictates reducing the layers of management so we can allow our fantastic doctors and nurses to get on with their very important jobs are you looking forward to being prime minister i am not taking anything for granted there is still a long way to go in this leadership election and what i'm about.

Is unleashing opportunity across the united kingdom getting our economy growing and delivering for people all over the country

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