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Tory leadership ballot delayed over security fears

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Tory leadership ballot delayed over security fears” here is their detail.

The conservative party have confirmed about that they have fears about cyber hackers in the last few minutes the conservative party has told sky news we have consulted with the national cyber security center throughout this process that's the voting process and have decided to enhance security around the ballot process.

Eligible members will start receiving ballot packs this week while tory hq have also released a letter that's been sent to party members all 160 000 or so of them warning them that the process has been delayed and the need for increased security the letter says thank you for your patience uh your ballot now is on.

The way but we'll arrive at you a little later than we originally said don't worry this is because the letter says to members we've taken some time to add some additional security to our ballot process which has delayed us slightly and it talks about when you receive your pac you can vote online or by post and it then it goes on to say if you have.

Not received your ballot by thursday the 11th of august please email the tory party and he talks about how it's an offense to vote more than once and uh if you do you'll have your party membership withdrawal this letter is from sean duckworth who is the head of membership for the conservative party now.

The warnings have come from this uh national cyber security center that is part of gchq the uk's listening post and the daily telegraph is uh reporting that the gchq warned that cyber hackers could change people's ballots and the telegraph also says the tories have been forced to abandon plans uh which many uh people thought were.

Unwise anyway to allow members to change their vote for the next leader the telegraph quotes um a spokesman for the national cyber security center saying defending uk democratic and electoral process is a priority for the ncsc and we work closely with all parliamentary political parties local authorities and mps to provide cybersecurity guidance.

And support and the quote goes on as you would expect from the uk's national cyber security authority we provided advice to the conservative party on security considerations for online leadership voting so that's what the security people are saying tory hq have confirmed that they've had consultations with the gchq uh.

People the cyber security experts and have decided to enhance security and admitting to members there is going to be a delay you'll recall of course that china russia and iran have been accused of interfering in elections around the world there were accusations of attempts to interfere in the 2020 u.s presidential election well uh this is uh.

Quite a twist uh an unexpected twist in the drama of the tory leadership election the threat of cyber attacks cyber hacking being taken very seriously by the tory party so much so that the the issuing of ballot papers has been delayed although they are insisting they will go out later this week

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