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To avoid COVID, flu, know the risks in holiday crowds

WRAL Data Trackers asked doctors at Duke and UNC whether they feel safe participating in holiday activities like air travel, movies and ice skating.

To avoid COVID, flu, know the risks in holiday crowds

Know that holiday travel has rebounded still some are a bit wary of exposing themselves to things like covet or the other respiratory viruses out there like flu and RSV wral’s investigative data journalist Ali Ingersoll is at the airport for us very busy there last time I was at the airport which wasn’t that long ago I wasn’t seeing the same amount.

Of people wearing masks as we did you know months or even a year ago what are the precautions like out there today yeah Dan the airports this year look significantly different than they did last year and that’s for a couple of reasons they’re pretty packed today more than 38 000 people expected to travel through RDU just today alone another.

Reason though the lack of masks just looking around we really aren’t seeing them like we were last year or even the year before we talked to some local doctors they said that they would be wearing them out here as well as on their planes and on their flights and we also asked them what else they would be doing to stay safe this holiday season.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year happens to come as coughs come back and airborne viruses take flight too is all of this holiday hustle and bustle among the crowds worth it there’s a lot that goes into that formula that you have to use to calculate whether or not you’re going to take that risk Arielle sent an informal survey to.

Doctors at Duke and UNC asking them what they feel comfortable doing right now we’ve sent around this same survey several times over the last two years and for the first time there were more yeses than no’s with some caveats of course While most doctors said that they’d eat indoors at a restaurant all commented on the capacity steering clear.

If too many seats are full as for heading to a movie theater or a Cane’s game only one no from the Dozen doctors but everyone mentioned they’d remain masked as for outdoor activities like skating Mo said they’d attend as long as there’s some social distancing risk mitigation is is acceptable you are lowering your risk so just see what.

You’re tolerant about but use information and don’t be in denial that you know when you’re making these decisions now Dr wall says it’s not too late to get vaccinated get your flu shot get your booster shot he says that will add an extra layer of protection if you’re traveling this holiday season to see.

Your loved ones and family and friends makes sense Ellie Ingersoll live from RDU thanks Allie