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Three dead and a gunman at large after shooting in north Queensland

Three dead and a gunman at large after shooting in north Queensland

Police in north queensland are tonight continuing to search for a gunman who shot dead three people it happened this morning on a remote rural property southwest of bowen a fourth person was also shot but he managed to escape and phone police before being flown to hospital at this stage the shooter and the motive are not known.

Flown to safety after a wounded man fled a gunman and called for help we have found a crime scene in the remote rural location where we believe we have located three deceased persons the injured man was flown to the makai base hospital and underwent emergency surgery for a gunshot wound to the stomach three other people were found.

Dead on a cattle property at bogey between bowen and collinsville the shooter is still on the run we are at very very early stages of our investigation we do not know who was responsible police have cordoned off an extensive area in the search for the gunman the shooting took place in a remote property that’s hard to access.

There’s dense bushland and dirt roads we’re actively searching the area and commencing our investigations as to what the circumstances were and how it came to be that these people have been shot bob goody lives on a nearby property and was mustering cattle at the time you don’t expect things to go on.

It’s a shock be shocker right there’s a couple ambulances and three four police cars going off the road so it’s serious police aren’t confirming any details about the victims and whether they are known to the gunman and basratic joins me now from collinsville baz how is the wounded man tonight.

Now jess the wounded man is out of surgery he’s in the icu at the makai base hospital he’s listed as being in a critical but stable condition now unbelievably the man wasn’t actually found at the property where the shooting took place now with the with the bullet wounds to his stomach he’s actually made.

His way uh he’s uh his way from the property where he’s actually raised the alarm himself he’s called emergency services now he spoke to police earlier today and they said that they haven’t actually had a chance to interview the man and find out any details about what happened on that property at bogey and baz do you have any update on the.

Gunman well we understand that police have spoken to a few people but at this stage no arrests have been made as we go to air tonight we understand that this gunman is still at large somewhere in that cordoned area which which police have put in place bazarratic in collinsville thanks for.

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