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“Three Amigos” summit: Key takeaways from Trudeau’s meeting with Biden, Obrador

“Three Amigos” summit: Key takeaways from Trudeau’s meeting with Biden, Obrador

The Three Amigos meeting in Sunny Mexico City marking the prime minister’s first major trip of 2023. North America is the largest free trading block in the world larger even than the European Union Trudeau’s trade focused trip paid off in part a dispute between Canada and the U.S over the treatment of American.

Border guards has significantly slowed the popular Nexus program since March 2020 but today a breakthrough in the spring Canadian applicants will be able to get an interview at certain Canadian airports and then fly to the U.S to complete their American Nexus interviews welcome news for the nearly hundred thousand Canadians on the waitlist the.

Reality is we want Americans want Canadians to come and have easy access to our country for tourism and travel and trade the war in Ukraine also a major topic with Canada announcing their single biggest military purchase for Ukraine yet spending 406 million dollars to buy.

American-made National Advanced service to air missile systems which are highly effective at shooting down Russian drones and Rockets having a narrow defense system available to the Ukraine is literally a life and death issue if you don’t have air defense nowadays in a contemporary or against a relatively modern foe you will die the purchase.

Welcomed by Ukrainian President Vladimir zielinski thanking Canada for protecting Ukrainian Skies but unlike other weapons given to Ukraine Canada itself lacks this capability the Canadian Armed Forces has no zero none air defense systems from the ground to the air and I would challenge anybody any academic scholar out there to find me.

One other army in the world that has no air defense systems in another International crisis the Biden Administration pushing for help on Haiti hoping Canada would lead a security Force to try and deal with gangs block hitting ports and frequent kidnappings shooter wouldn’t commit to that instead focusing on sanctions and.

Aid for local police what we do this time allows for the Haitian people to get the situation under control and a big part of that is putting those sanctions on the Haitian leadership Joe Biden also told Trudeau that he would visit Canada in March now there’s no date or itinerary yet for the president’s trip but it will be the.

First visit of a sitting president here in Ottawa since Barack Obama addressed parliament in 2016. Donald that was a while ago Mackenzie gray in Ottawa thanks

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